Dragon Ball: 10 Things About Senzu Beans That Make No Sense

Senzu Beans were first introduced back in Dragon Ball when Goku began his training at Korin Tower. A single one of those oval-shaped green miracle beans is able to heal injuries, restore energy levels, and completely eliminate hunger for over a week! In using countless Senzu Beans, Goku and his friends have been able to avoid certain death in bleak situations. It's safe to say that Korin definitely doesn't always get the credit for growing them and giving them away without expecting a thing in return. And while the magical laws governing these beans are often taken at face value, that hasn't stopped fans from calling out some of the nonsensical logic relating to these tiny green powerhouses. Below are a few things that have been racking our brains for years now.

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10 One Will Make You Full For Ten Days

When Goku was given his first Senzu Bean, he couldn't believe that a single bean could satiate his enormous appetite for ten days. After eating just one, Goku began to bloat a little! Yajirobe made the mistake of eating so many that he became crippled under the weight he'd gained in a second. But how can this make sense? The average man needs something around 2,500 calories a day, and of course, the Z-Fighters need a lot more due to constant physical exertion. Still, if we just take this basic number into account, these beans would have to be carrying upwards of 20,000 calories to satisfy someone for ten whole days, not to mention that they must be packed with other vitamins and nutrients in order to heal injuries and restore energy as quickly as they do.

9 They're So Small

Senzu Beans are the same size as lima beans. If they're supposed to fill someone for ten days, even to the point where eating more than one at a time will cause someone to gain weight, then it doesn't make sense for them to be so small. If anything, the beans should be much heavier if they're capable of storing so many calories, but the Z-Fighters manage to carry them in a small, inconspicuous sack with ease. Sure, it's convenient for the anime, but in reality, something that can keep someone full for 10 days straight would definitely weigh a few pounds.

8 They Can Fix Piercing Wounds

By now, it's common knowledge that Senzu Beans can heal most wounds, but did you know that also includes penetration wounds? Yep, you read that correctly. After Dr. Gero stuck his entire hand through Yamcha's body, leaving him on the verge of death, all it took was a Senzu Bean to restore the skin (and potential organs) that Dr. Gero's hand had pierced. In both renditions of Frieza's second coming (in Resurrection 'F' and in Dragon Ball Super) Goku was wounded by Sorbet's Bad Ring Laser after a shot to the chest. A single Senzu Bean was all it took to erase all signs of the injury, filling in the burning hole that had been carved into his chest without even leaving behind a scar.

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7 They Can Regrow Arms and Teeth

Apparently, Senzu Beans can restore a lot more than just punctured skin. They can also regenerate limbs, bones, and teeth, all things that generally never grow back! In the Dragon Ball Z film The History of Trunks, Future Gohan lost an arm after protecting Trunks from a barrage of energy blasts that Androids 17 and 18 fired in an attempt to draw the two out of hiding. At the time, Gohan only had a single Senzu Bean left, but decided to give it to Future Trunks. Later, Future Trunks noted that if they had more, Gohan's arm could be restored, but with Korin's absence, their access to Senzu Beans was officially cut off. During the Buu Saga, Videl endured a brutal beating from Spopovich, one of Babidi's henchmen. The manga's depiction of events was more gruesome than the anime's, with Videl losing her front teeth as a result of this brutal beatdown. After Gohan gives her a Senzu Bean, she smiles, two front teeth and all.

6 They Can't Cure Disease

During his fight with Android 19, Goku began to suffer from the effects of a heart virus that had killed him in an alternate timeline. Unfortunately, a Senzu Bean did nothing to cure the infection, and it was revealed that only the cure that Trunks delivered from the future would alleviate his condition. If these beans are so magical and can cure just about every other injury, why can't they eradicate a simple heart condition? Sure, it's nice to know that the Senzu Beans have some kind of limit, but if these beans can potentially regrow an arm, we don't understand why they couldn't fix Goku's heart.

5 They Can't Heal Scars

This has been proven when characters who possess prominent scars, like Yamcha and Tien, eat Senzu Beans and their scars still remain. Yamcha has been rocking facial scars all the way since the days of Dragon Ball Z after training for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. After all the times he's eaten a Senzu Bean, not once have they disappeared. Tien, who got his famous chest scar during his fight with General Tao, ate a Senzu Bean shortly after their battle, but the scar refused to go away. Compared to the regeneration of teeth and gaps of flesh, erasing something as trivial as a scar should be child's play for these beans, but apparently, Sensu Beans can't heal wounds that have naturally healed on their own.

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4 Not Even the Gods Know About Them

Dragon Ball Super's manga painted a very different picture of the events pertaining to Zamasu and Goku Black's Zero Mortals Plan. Gowasu eventually confronted Goku Black, urging his former pupil to give up his evil ways, but Black took advantage of the opportunity and stabbed him. Before Gowasu could die, Goku gave him a Senzu Bean, and upon waking up, the elderly Supreme Kai couldn't believe that such an item existed. It's funny to think that a deity who had been watching over all life in Universe 1o for centuries could still be surprised by anything, and yet a tiny bean left him speechless. And if you can leave a god speechless, trust and believe that you're doing something right.

3 They Taste Like Fish

Of course, we've seen Senzu Beans. We know how they probably feel (like any uncooked bean), and when they're bitten, we can hear a crunch. No character has ever remarked on the smell, most likely because they're scentless. So how do they taste? According to Yajirobe, they taste just like fish, which is pretty peculiar considering the fact that they're technically vegetables. In no way are we saying that we don't believe him. Out of all the Z-Fighters, Yajirobe's definitely eaten his fair share of meals, and he ate so many Senzu Beans that one time back in Dragon Ball that he out of anyone else would have their flavor imprinted in his memory for life.

2 Can Work Even After Being Chewed By Someone Else

When Trunks returns from the past with Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta, he quickly learns that Mai was injured while trying to save innocent civilians. He chews up a Senzu Bean before kissing her in order to feed it to her after finding her in a coma. Trunks didn't reap the effects of the Senzu Bean himself, meaning that just chewing the bean won't heal someone. They'd have to swallow it completely before its effects are felt. This means that the secret to these magical beans isn't a special type of juice held within them, so they're probably pretty dry. If that is the case, just where are all these replenishing nutrients coming from?

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1 Their Effects Are Instantaneous

Upon chewing and swallowing a Senzu Bean, it only takes seconds for characters' wounds to disappear and their energy to return. We've seen fighters like Goku, Videl, and Krillin often on the verge of death, but after eating a Senzu Bean, their bodies show no sign of their previous predicament. Even standard medications take 30 minutes to dissolve inside the body, and food can take hours to digest due to having to pass through multiple organs. Senzu Beans working right when they hit the stomach is pretty hard to believe unless we tried one for ourselves. Know anybody who's growing some? Let us know in the comments!

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