Dragon Ball's Rial Withdraws from KamehaCon Following Mignogna Announcement

Noted Dragon Ball dub voice actress Monica Rial has withdrawn from KamehaCon, which has prompted several more noteworthy voice actors to follow suit.

KamehaCon is a popular Dragon Ball convention in Irving, Texas. On March 24th, Rial -- who voices Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super -- abruptly withdrew from the convention.

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Following this, several other voice actors, including Jason Douglas (Beerus, King Cold), Daman Mills (Monka, Narirama), Josh Grelle (Grand Minister) and Sarah Wiedenheft (Zenou) have withdrawn from the convention. While several voice actors are still in attendance (including Christopher Sabat, Damon Clarke and Linda Young), KamehaCon has yet to remove the withdrawn voice actors from their website's guest list.

While at no point have any of these voice actors confirmed the specific reasons why they are withdrawing from KamehaCon, there is very good reason to believe that the concerns relate to KamehaCon bringing controversial voice actor Vic Mignogna in as a guest. KamehaCon announced Mignogna as a guest on March 23; the voice actors started withdrawing on March 24.

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Mignogna has a long career in voice acting. However, in recent months, allegations of sexual harassment were made against him. Rumors of Mignogna's conduct have been floating around for over a decade in the anime community, but it came to a head when Rial -- the first voice actor to withdraw following KamehaCon announcing Mignogna as a guest -- came forward with this tweet.

Following this, many other voice actors and fans began to share their stories and accusations. Following internal investigations, both Rooster Teeth and Funimation (the company that dubs Dragon Ball) cut ties with Mignogna.

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While Rial and other voice actors have yet to confirm or deny why they are leaving the con, the timing of it leads many to believe that they are leaving so they wouldn't have to be at the same convention as Mignogna. It is important to note that these voice actors are free to cancel their attendance at a convention at their convenience.

KamehaCon has since made this statement following the mass departure of guests:

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