Dragon Ball: All Of Buu's Forms In Order Of Impact

If there was one thing that the Dragon Ball series was good at, it was giving their viewers amazing villains. One of the most memorable ones was Buu, who has gone through more transformations than most of the characters. At the start of his appearance, the fans and the characters didn't think of him too much, as physically, he did not seem to be very intimidating. However, Buu proved to be one of the most powerful characters in the series.

There will always be discussions about which Buu is the most powerful, but hopefully, our list below sheds some light on the different transformations of Buu and the impact that each had on the characters and the show. His battles with the characters lasted long, spanning over arcs, and are praised for being some of the most epic fights of the series.

Here is: Dragon Ball: All Of Buu's Forms In Order Of Impact.

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When Fat Buu first appeared, characters and viewers alike were not very intimidated. However, he had amazing absorption powers, but it still didn't make him very intimidating. Even with his chocolate beam.

Although his raw power was something to fear, it was not enough. He was easily defeated by those who went up against him. Bibidi was able to seal him away rather quickly, and Goku had no trouble taking him out. His greatest power, however, is his absorption powers, which is why he doesn't land high on our list.


This was likely the first time where viewers were ever genuinely afraid of Buu. This was the time where Buu's dark energy came out for the first time. His appearance changes and one of the first things he does is go on a rampage that includes death and destruction.

Oh, and then he eats himself. Even though his anger is enough to make him a serious threat, the fact that he basically self-implodes so quickly is why this Buu is low on the list.


This is one of the most memorable transformations of Buu. It is also definitely one of the smartest transformations of Buu. He is far more intimidating than other versions, thanks to his bulk. Of course, he's still incredibly immoral. He has no qualms about killing (but did he ever, really?), and thanks to his new physique, it's even easier for him to do it.

Since he is not restraining himself, he has the power of the South Supreme Kai. He takes no injury and damage from Gotenks' attacks and instead inflicts damage on Gotenks.


Fusion in Dragon Ball continues to be one of the biggest selling points about the show. It allows the characters to combine their powers and bodies to throw some serious damage down. Buu decides to go into Fusion mode once he realized he needed help defeating Gohan.

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So he absorbed Gotenk's powers, which allowed him to step up his game and deliver blows that had his enemies down in one shot. A fusion in Dragon Ball practically guarantees success.


Another fusion, but this was more for his mind rather than his body. Thanks to Piccolo's knowledge, he's able to torture Gohan, and he has also received a new power: the Special Beam Cannon.

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This fusion seriously outranks the Fusion Buu, as now, he's not just brawn, but brains too. Buu was always powerful in terms of his power, but thanks to his new found intellect, the level of his impact reach a whole new level. Not to mention, he looked pretty cool, too.


South Buu was incredibly powerful, despite the fact that he was only there for a short amount of time. In a short, but memorable scene, we are shown his power levels when he goes up and fights against Kai.

Buu had absorbed South Supreme Kai, which is what allows him to hit such a massive amount of power in a short amount of time. He was so powerful that he was able to hold his own against Kid Buu, who is ranked higher on this list.


Once Buu goes ahead and absorbs Gohan, he becomes Ultimate Buu, which is probably his most dangerous fusion. Gohan is known for being one of the most powerful fighters in the series, so he amps up Buu's powers by a massive amount.

Once he continues fighting, he ends up absorbing Goku and Vegeta. When the two start trying to defeat him fro the inside, Ultimate Buu is not at all bothered. Thanks to his new powers, he is able to put up psychological defenses against the brothers.


Kid Buu may not think about his actions, but that is exactly what makes him so powerful. He's a lot like Evil Buu, in that he doesn't really seem to care if he hurts himself in the process of hurting others. In the anime, Goku even mentions that his level of power is incomparable to any other Buu.

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He even destroys the Earth, simply having no regard for humans or himself as he takes out the planet. That's what brings him near the top of this list; his spontaneity during his battles make him an incredible opponent.


Buu's reincarnation, Uub, surprised viewers when we saw the amount of power he had. He, as a child, is able to hold his own against Goku! In the world of Dragon Ball, it is a known fact that he is the most powerful human in the entire series.

However, he can only access his raw power when he is angry. His abilities, paired with the training he gets from Goku allow him to pretty much top every opponent.


In an effort to save the world, Uub fuses with Majin Buu, who is as good-natured as ever. This gives him an incredible boost in his power, and we once again get to see him turn people into candy.

He has his training from Goku and has pure uncontained power at his disposal. He is far more powerful than a Super Saiyan, even though he may not always try and show it off. Thanks to his fusion, between using his energy blasts, waves, and beams, he can definitely make a huge impact on his opponents. For example, he is able to destroy General Rilldo with complete ease.

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