Dragon Ball: Piccolo's Most Powerful Moves, Ranked According To Strength

Compared to the love that Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan get in the Dragon Ball fandom, it's easy for newer fans to forget that Piccolo remains one of the best characters in the franchise. Sure, he won't be able to take on Beerus or Jiren in a fight, but he's still kept up his training and has had his fair share of achievements over the years.

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Back when Vegeta was a villain, Piccolo was the first to turn over to the side of good while he was training Gohan. So, we here at CBR decided to show some love to the Namekian warrior/Babysitter by ranking some of Piccolo's strongest attacks.

10 Demon Hand

The Namekians have a lot of different abilities that many races wish they could do. From unleashing ones hidden power to the ability to regrow lost limbs (which we'll get into later), they're some of the more interesting creatures introduced in Dragon Ball. One of their many abilities is to stretch their arms to great lengths. Piccolo and his father, Demon King Piccolo, have used this technique to their advantage in several different ways. The most common is to grab their opponents and pull them towards them or Vice Versa. It may not be that strong, but it's an incredibly helpful technique the Namekians have used.

9 Explosive Demon Wave

While not one of King Piccolo's most unique attacks, Explosive Demon Wave remained one of his more potent attacks he has uses in Dragon Ball. Much like any energy attack, Piccolo can launch this attack by releasing his energy through his hands.

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After King Piccolo died, the technique was passed to his Son, where he used it throughout the Dragon Ball franchise. In the more recent Video Games, the attack has been seen as a more close-ranged attack, dealing more significant damage the closer the opponent is to the user, similar to an energy shotgun.

8 Cloning

A lot of characters in Dragon Ball have learned to create multiple versions of themselves, and Piccolo is no different. While Piccolo still likes to fight his opponents one-on-one, he doesn't mind mixing things up once in a while by getting some help from others... including himself. Much like Tien's multiform, Piccolo divides his energy into several clones, so they don't have the same strength as he does. Because of this flaw, Piccolo has slowly been using this move as a more defensive attack than offensive. When he was going up against Frost, he used the attack to confuse Frost so he could charge up his Special Beam Cannon.

7 Scatter Shot

Much like what other warriors can do, Piccolo can launch a barrage of energy blasts from his hands. First used in his fight against Goku, Piccolo can launch these purple energy blasts at a rapid-fire rate. The technique has since become one of Piccolo's handier attacks, getting him out in a lot of tight situations. He's even been shown to control them in suspended animation, but we'll get to that move in a bit.

6 Namekian Fusion

Before the Fusion Dance and Potara Earrings were introduced, Namekians were the only race that had the power of fusion. By merely touching one's chest, a Namekian can combine himself with another and give them a massive power boost.

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Seen in the Frieza and Android saga, Piccolo has fused with a fellow Namekian, Nail, and his former counterpart, Kami. While there have been claims that these beings still exist in Piccolo, they haven't been doing much in the way of communicating with him lately.

5 Light Grenade

When Piccolo went up against Cell for a second time, he tried everything to make sure that the insect android didn't absorb 17. In his last stand against the monster, Piccolo unleashed his Light Grenade attack. By channeling his energy to his hands, he launches a powerful energy bomb that can usually lay a lot of damage to an opponent. However, due to Cell's increase in power and Piccolo's exhausted state, the attack did nothing but push Cell into the Ocean. While he hasn't used this attack since then, it has become one of Piccolo's default techniques in a lot of different video games.

4 Regeneration

One of the benefits of being a Namekian is the ability to regenerate limbs. First seen in Goku and Piccolo's battle in the World Martial Art's Tournament, a Namekian can tear off one of their damaged limbs and regenerate it in an instant. The cost is that it takes a lot of energy out of the Namekian that uses it and can only regenerate so as long as their head remains intact. Even if a Namekian is shattered in pieces(Like Piccolo was when he was turned to stone by Dabura and Trunks accidentally pushed him), they can still regenerate. It's a powerful technique that's come in handy for Piccolo.

3 Masenko

While Gohan may use it more often than his teacher, Piccolo first used this attack when he was only a few days old. After being chased by a dog, Piccolo uses this attack to defend himself against the mangy mutt. By cuffing one's hands and placing them on their foreheads, the user can release a massive energy beam.

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Piccolo has been seen using this attack against Frieza, Cell, and many opponents in the Tournament of Power. Since learning it, the attack has been passed down to not only Gohan but also Future Trunks and Pan.

2 Hellzone Grenade

During his fight with Android 17, Piccolo reveals that he can use his Scatter Shot attack in a much different way than intended. After confusing 17 with his random energy attacks, Piccolo shows that he can suspend these shots in mid-air. He then closes his arms, and the attacks rain down on 17. Since then, it's become one of Piccolo's deadliest attacks, as it allows him to fake out his opponents before laying waste to them in a matter of seconds. He even reused this attack during the Tournament of Power when fighting Rubalt of Universe 10.

1 Special Beam Cannon

While it wasn't Piccolo's first attack, it was the one that US audiences first saw him use. After years of training, so he could defeat Goku, Piccolo gains the ability to channel his energy to his fingertips and unleashes this powerful attack. While it isn't as large as other energy attacks, the Special Beam Cannon has the power to pierce through almost anything. The attack is so strong, it can kill two opponents in a row, as seen when Goku held Raditz for Piccolo to charge up. It may take a while for him to gain the energy needed to use it, but the results speak for themselves.

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