10 Hilarious Dragon Ball Memes That Prove Goku Is Stronger Than Superman

Goku vs. Superman has been around ever since the Saiyan and Dragon Ball protagonist made his debut to American audiences. It is very easy to see why people like to pit these two against each other. They are both powerful alien warriors from destroyed worlds, and they both end up on Earth and rise to become the planet’s champion.

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Asking who is the stronger of the two is a matter of opinion, and it is a heated debate amongst fans. As a result, multiple memes have emerged from both sides. This article will specifically focus on those favoring Goku over Superman.

10 Flat-Earther

While all of the memes on this list are meant to provoke a reaction in fans by saying that Goku would beat Superman, this one brings the ‘Flat-Earther’ argument into the mix. For those who don’t know, a flat-earther is defined as someone who believes that the earth is flat. This Goku vs. Superman image combines the "Yao Ming Face / B*tch Please" meme with Goku. It is pretty straightforward. It implies that if one happens to think that Superman would beat Goku, then that person is clearly the same as someone who believes the earth is flat, and therefore, dumb.

9 Einstein’s Opinion

This picture is calling Superman stupid for not having limits to his abilities, while calling Goku a genius for the opposite reason. It is certainly an interesting take, given that Goku is the last person that anyone would call a genius. Even though Goku is powerful, he has struggled in each of his fights, and he has had to train to reach his power levels. He didn’t even single-handedly beat most of his enemies. His son, Gohan, beat Cell after Goku sacrificed himself, and Goku wouldn’t have beaten Kid Majin Buu without Mr. Satan’s help for the Spirit Bomb. Due to Dragon Ball Super, this meme feels rather obsolete, especially since SSGSS Goku is featured in the image. For those unaware, in Dragon Ball Super, Goku achieves the power to go toe-to-toe with gods, so, in a sense, he is now a being without limits.

8 Yamcha Pose

There’s a running gag in the Dragon Ball Z fandom concerning Yamcha. He is considered to be the weakest fighter in the entire fighting cast, and this has caused him to become the butt of many jokes. Most point to the moment when he was killed by the Saibamen as his downfall; after that, he became irrelevant, even after being brought back by the Dragon Balls.

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It has gotten to the point that even the Dragon Ball games and Dragon Ball Super have made jokes about Yamcha (see the Baseball episode of Super). For Superman to lose to Yamcha, as this meme implies, means that he lost to one of the weakest fighters in Dragon Ball Z. Definitely an insult.

7 The Knockout

This panel of Superman comes from an issue where Superman boxed against Muhammad Ali (that’s him next to Superman in the picture). To make it a fair fight, the two boxed on a planet orbiting a red star, which caused Superman to lose his powers. As a result, Superman was quickly taken out by the legendary boxer. Understanding the context of the picture is not needed to understand the meme, but it is an interesting tidbit nonetheless. In regards to the meme itself, its message is simple: this is what will happen to Superman if he ever fights Goku.

6 Saving The World

This meme has its origins in the Man of Steel film, where Superman ends up destroying a large chunk of Metropolis in a fight against General Zod. While most people find controversy in Superman killing Zod, others take issue with the collateral damage. Goku fans are quick to point out that most of Goku’s fights take place in a desolate area. Akira Toriyama (creator of the Dragon Ball series) has stated that he moved battles from cities because they would be easily destroyed. It should be noted that Superman does try to clear citizens from populated areas, but, sometimes, villains aren’t content to wait for a change of scenery to fight.

5 What About Batman?

Batman, like Superman, is another powerhouse of the DC Universe. He’s a wealthy millionaire, a tactical genius, and has a plethora of gadgets at his disposal to help with any enemy. Most people wouldn’t dispute that Batman defeating Superman isn’t entirely out of the realm of plausibility.

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So, if it’s possible for Batman, a hero with no powers whatsoever, to defeat Superman, why is it so hard to believe that Goku could as well? Of course, Batman has a different strength and skillset than Goku, but Goku is a hardened warrior who can now go SSGSS. Maybe instead, fans should be arguing who would win in a fight between Goku and Batman?

4 Alfred Joins the Battle

This panel comes from the Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year 1 comic, after Superman has decided to no longer show mercy to his foes. Batman is working against him, and, eventually, Superman finds out. He breaks into the Batcave and proceeds to beat up Batman, threatening to kill him. Alfred takes kryptonite pills to save Batman, which gives him super strength, and he proceeds to beat Superman. That Superman was beaten up by Alfred paints a rather funny image. Sure, Batman can usually hold his own against the Man of Steel due to his gadgets and smarts, but Alfred isn’t a trained hero like Batman. So, if Alfred can beat up Superman, surely Goku can.

3 Vegeta Weighs In

Vegeta. The Saiyan prince with a prideful streak and an ego the size of a planet. Vegeta is never one to give praises or compliments, instead trading barbs and insults with friends and foes alike. It would be completely in character for Vegeta to insult Superman upon first meeting him.

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Despite Superman’s strength and neigh unstoppable powers, Vegeta would see him as a weakling, or, at the very least, a personal challenge. After all, Vegeta thought that he was more than a match for Frieza, Cell, and Buu, and fans know how well those fights went for the Saiyan prince. Heck, Vegeta always insults Goku, despite Goku’s strength, so Superman wouldn't get a pass.

2 Senzu Beans

This one speaks more for Goku’s character than just his fighting ability. Dragon Ball fans know that the Senzu Beans allow eaters to regain their health, no matter how close to death they are. Goku has been known to give Senzu Beans to his enemies as well as his allies; he did this with Cell during the Cell Games. It seems only right that Goku would give Superman a Senzu Bean after they have finished fighting, especially after Goku has beaten Superman; then, once Superman is healed, Goku would probably ask the hero if he would like to fight again.

1 The Original

This is the image and article that started it all. While Goku vs. Superman was certainly a thing before this article was published, this pushed the debate into the spotlight. The October 2002 issue of Wizard Magazine published a hypothetical fight between Goku and Superman. The article set up a scenario that caused the two heroes to duke it out on the moon. Goku emerged victorious and saved Superman from plummeting to the Earth, before Goku humbly apologized and asked for forgiveness before returning to his own dimension. The article caused a bit of controversy, especially with Superman fans, but it’s hard to stay mad at Goku. After all, he did apologize!

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