Cruisin For A Fusion: 25 Mash-Ups DBZ Fans Will Wish Were Real

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Everyone loves a good mash-up -- well, maybe not everybody, but the fact that half of all graphic t-shirts are mash-ups has to mean something. Regardless, we love them, so get ready for a whole list! Perhaps one of the most commonly used franchises in mash-up art is Dragon Ball. It is, after all, a cornerstone of pop culture, making it a great candidate for some awesome mash-ups. Because of how well-known the series is, and because of all the other pop culture cornerstones it has inspired, Dragon Ball has some awesome and creative mash-up art out there.

For this reason, we decided to rifle through some of them to find the ones that we want to be real, either because they are so awesome or because they combine Dragon Ball with an unlikely, but interesting property. Seriously, there were so many cool mash ups out there that we couldn't narrow it down to our usual 15! Collecting everything from fan-art to fan-videos and beyond, we've got got the coolest Dragon Ball mash ups ever, all for you!

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To start, we've got a Thundercats mash-up featuring a Saiyan-like version of Lion-O by Adolfo Torino Nuñez. Nuñez, who goes by Paintmarvels on Deviantart, is known for doing silver-age comic book styled interpretations of various pop culture icons, including a few Dragon Ball pieces. This drawing in particular combines elements of Lion-O's costume with Saiyan battle armor, depicting the character in a way similar to Vegeta.

The fun part about this one is imagining Saiyans as Thunderians, and we can see Lion-O coming to destroy Earth with Panthro as his Nappa. Maybe Tygra could be the Goku of this scenario, unaware of his Thunderian heritage until more of his kind show up looking for a fight. For more of Nuñez work, check out his gallery here.


Next up we have an awesome piece by SebastianHoroszko, also known as TatarskiSkandal on Deviantart. This digital painting combines Dragon Ball with Star Wars, depicting Goku as a lone Jedi taking on an army lead by Sith versions of major Dragon Ball villains. We love everything about this, from the awesome redesigns of Frieza, Buu and Cell, to the Kamehameha-colored dual lightsabers that Goku wields.

Perhaps the most awesome part is the fact that this concept would be amazing if it was real. Star Wars and Dragon Ball already have a ton in common, so seeing their story and design elements combined into this killer mash-up is absolutely awesome and makes us wish there was some kind of one-shot crossover in the works. For more of Horoszko's work, check out his Deviantart gallery.


Instead of combining two franchises, we've got a good ol' fashioned "what if" fight between Dragon Ball Z and the Marvel Universe. In this video by the YouTube channel Cartoon Hooligans, we are treated to an awesome brawl where Goku and Vegeta take on the world's greatest heroes. Goku and Vegeta bring the hurt in this battle, quickly knocking out most major players from the Marvel universe.

The video then takes a strange turn as the action is traded for comedy when Goku and Vegeta stop their beatdown to admire the physicality of some of Marvel's most macho male heroes. Vegeta and Goku become enamored with Thor, Wolverine and The Hulk and it only get's crazier from there. The video definitely pokes fun at the hyper-macho elements of Dragon Ball Z while also giving us some stellar action that makes us wish a canon crossover could happen.


Next up we have the first in a series of T-shirts, a design from Rebubble by user Daletheskater. This design in particular combines the Great Ape forms of the Saiyan race with the Planet of the Apes series. Despite the simplicity of the design, there are quite a few cool ideas to pull from in this mash-up, especially when you consider the history of the Saiyans.

This idea of the war for the planet of the great apes sounds a lot like the Saiyan/Tuffle war in which the Saiyans took Planet Plant from the Tuffle race. It also sounds like any planet that Saiyans were sent to by Frieza to use their Great Ape forms to destroy the population and prime the planet for conquering. Either way, it would be cool to see these moments depicted similar to The Planet of the Apes, maybe even a version where Saiyans took over Earth.


Next up is another T-shirt design, this time from TeeFury, who is known for their mash-up graphic tees. This particular design is by Javiclodo, who combined the martial arts of the Turtle School and the Cobra Kai Dojo. Though these two martial arts schools have VERY different philosophies, it's that contrast that makes this crossover so interesting.

The Cobra Kai school of martial arts has a "win by any means" approach to fighting, and while victory is important to the Turtle school, achieving it should be done by means of strategy derived from understanding the art of war, and to use that understanding to defend against evil. Again, the two schools are very different, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to see what a Dragon Ball-styled fight between Daniel and Johnny would be like.


Here's another one from TeeFury, a hilarious mash-up between Dragon Ball and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air by creator Diegopedauye. This design depicts Vegeta as "The Proud Prince," a play on "The Fresh Prince," which creates an awesome image in our head. For one thing, think about how appropriate this mash-up actually is, since both Vegeta and Will Smith were pushed from their homes and forced to live in a new place.

Of course, aside from this, the two characters' situations are VERY different, but that's what makes this mash up so great, imagine all the situations that Will's character got into and created on The Fresh Prince but with Vegeta in his place. Seriously what would better than a sitcom with Vegeta? "Now this is a story all about how my planet went boom with a big kablow!" We'll work on the lyrics...


We've got one more design from TeeFury, another piece by Javiclodo. This one makes the frightening arrival of the Saiyans seem adorable by putting Pikachu in place of Vegeta. There's a lot to love about this design, from how cute Pikachu looks in battle armor to the fact that his ship looks like a Pokéball. But, the greatest thing about this design is the cool scenario it creates, which is why we want it to be real.

There's already a fan theory that implies Pokémon are the result of an alien invasion, so how awesome would it be to see the origins of that invasion? Maybe the Pokémon's alien ancestors arrived on Earth in Pokéball-looking ships and infiltrated the planet by blending in and/or taking the form of the animals they encountered. Maybe they were here to destroy us, but changed their ways after meeting friendly trainers?


Look, not everyone liked Dragon Ball GT, and that's fair, but can we all admit that the design for Super Saiyan 4 was kind of awesome? What makes it even more awesome is this parody of sorts which combines Sonic the Hedgehog with Super Saiyan 4. We say "parody of sorts" because the look of SS4 unintentionally looks like the design of a Sonic character, particularly the crazy hair style and the furless chest area.

This mash-up, which is by Sylcain Sarraih, aka Tohad on Deviantart, takes the concept to an even more awesome level by including tails drawn like Puar, Yamcha's furry little friend. Seriously, how great would it be to see some kind of animated short or one-shot comic where Sonic fights like Goku and has a little Puar-like Tails to cheer him on?


It's always cool to see American comics crossover with Japanese comics, especially when someone draws characters in the style of Dragon Ball. For example, the work of Pierre-Marie Lenoir gives us some awesome Dragon Ball-styled interpretations of Marvel and DC superheroes. We featured Lenoir's works before, but we thought we'd give him another shoutout for these awesome superhero redesigns.

The details are the best parts about these designs, like Batman's Piccolo-like cape or how both he and Robin's costumes evoke elements of Gohan's Great Saiyaman costume. We already got to see what Batman in a Japanese setting is like in Batman Ninja, but seeing Batman, as well as heroes from the Marvel Universe as members of the Dragon Ball universe would be even more awesome. For more of Lenoir's work, click here.


Who would win in a fight between Superman and Goku? It's a question that's been asked since the dawn of the internet, leading to countless discussions and pieces of fanart depicting the theoretical fight. Perhaps one of the most well-known and oldest of the Superman Vs. Goku fan works is this piece by Miguel Mendonça, aka MikeMaluk on DeviantArt.

Though this isn't Maluk's earliest work of the battle (that would be this piece), it was much more widely spread, giving fans of both properties a taste of what this awesome clash would be like. There are a few great details worth nothing as well, like how Superman seems to be on the defensive, not wanting to fight for pleasure, and how Goku is preparing a Spirit Bomb, knowing that he might need a big attack to defeat the man of steel.


If you loved Cartoon Hooligans' Dragon Ball Vs. Marvel video, then you'll also love this one, which pits Goku and Vegeta Vs. DC superheroes. Like the previous video, this one has some amazing fight sequences, which, though short, display some pretty great action that eventually gives way to some humor as Vegeta and Goku get distracted by Wonder Woman's beauty. Of course, their distraction is cut short when Chi-Chi shows up and beats the crap out of Wonder Woman before scolding the Saiyans for staring.

The video ends when Superman shows up and Goku fails to do any damage to the man of steel. So, Goku uses instant transmission to bring Superman to King Kai's planet, which has three red suns. Powerless and weakened, Superman sweats as Goku claims the two are gonna have some "fun." Without a doubt, this kind of wacky crossover in the comics would be awesome.


Up next we have another awesome piece by Adolfo Torino Nuñez, aka Paintmarvels, who, instead of pitting the two heroes against each other, has made a killer amalgam (or maybe a fusion) of Goku and Superman. The best part about this one is that it's not just a visual fusion between the two characters, their stories have also been combined, as shown by the captions of this faux comic.

Whatever his amalgam name would be (KalKarot-El?), he was sent from Vegepton (a combination of Vegeta and Krypton) to fight against evil, going by the name of Super Saiyan and donning a costume which combines elements of Superman's suit and Goku's gi. Even if it was a one-shot, a full comic book based on this image would be awesome.


Steven Universe clearly has a lot of anime influence in it, and it's easy to see where Dragon Ball came into the picture, especially with elements like fusion and the Homeworld Gems. Thus, it makes a ton of sense to do a mash-up between the two series, which is exactly what Moses Kim, aka mmkayart on Deviantart did. In this mash-up, we have all the Crystal Gems as the villains of Dragon Ball Z, which is as silly as it is awesome.

Though the Crystal Gems are definitely the good guys, this mash-up is still fun to imagine, since it could be that these are the halloween costumes they made after Steven made them watch all of Dragon Ball. Seriously, how great would it be if we found out the Crystal Gems love Dragon Ball Z? Maybe they relate to how similar their lives and experiences are to the series. For more of Kim's work, check out her gallery here!


Objection! Goku is not smart enough to be a lawyer! Okay, that might actually be true, but that doesn't make this mash-up any less awesome. In a fun episode of Dragon Ball Super, Chi-Chi forces Goku to get a job as a security guard, telling him to gel his hair and wear a suit. Artist T. Ellis, known as MamaCharms on Deviantart, took this business Goku and put him in the courtroom, evoking Phoenix Wright's look in the Ace Attorney series.

This is definitely a fun one to imagine since Goku would be both a terrible and an amazing lawyer, since what he lacks in legal know-how, he more than makes up for his power, so we can imagine that it would only be a matter of time before Goku goofily shows how strong he is and the prosecution gives up out of fear. For more of Ellis' work, click here.


Well, ain't this one just the cutest in the bunch? This drawing of a wonderfully Disney-fied Goku and Chi-Chi comes courtesy of Deviantart user Meiharu, who made the couple's cloud ride similar to that of Jasmine and Aladdin's magic carpet ride in Disney's Aladdin. This particular mash-up is, in a word, adorable, and the two properties chosen couldn't have been more appropriate, since Goku taking Chi-Chi for a nimbus ride is just as romantic as a magic carpet ride.

Goku isn't exactly the romantic type, which is why this mash-up is particularly fun to imagine. Think of how much different their relationship would be if Goku took Chi-Chi on a romantic midnight ride on his Flying Nimbus? Wouldn't that be just the cutest thing? For more cute pieces (including more Disney-styled Dragon Ball works) check out Meiharu's Deviantart gallery here!


One of the strongest themes in Dragon Ball is overcoming obstacles and surpassing limits. Goku constantly breaks down the walls of his own limits through hard work, determination, and the the belief of his friends. Gurren Lagann shares these themes, as the series is about two brothers fighting with all their might to break free of oppression. One of the famous quotes of Gurren Lagann is "believe in the me that believes in you," which is said by Kamina, but could very easily be attributed to Goku.

This is why this particular mash-up is so wonderful and inspiring. The piece, done by Michael Mayne, provides a fun what-if scenario in which Goku and Kamina meet and switch outfits. This is such a great moment to imagine, since these two would have some crazy stories to share with each other. For more of Mayne's work, check out his Deviantart gallery.


Here we have another Star Wars/Dragon Ball mash-up, courtesy of Deviantart user Lost-Tyrant, which pits two of the franchises' deadliest villains against each other, Perfect Cell and General Grievous. The best part about this one is that it is both an awesome-looking fight and a funny-looking one as well. Cell has managed to give Grievous a good slug across the face, but Grievous has managed to slice off part of Cell's head. However, during all of this, both villains have hilarious expressions on their faces.

If a fight like this actually took place between the two characters, we can't imagine it would last long. Grievous is cool and all, but we think Cell far outclasses him, since he is made from the cells of warriors who are also stronger than Grievous, not that Grievous wouldn't put up a good fight. For more awesome work like this from Lost-Tyrant, click here.


Like we mentioned earlier, you can draw a lot of parallels between the Gems in Steven Universe and the Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z. For example, both the Crystal Gems and Goku found a peaceful life on Earth before their own kind showed up to take over or destroy everything. For Dragon Ball Z, this started with Raditz and led into Vegeta and Nappa, and for Steven Universe, it was Jasper and Peridot. This seems to have been the inspiration for this mash-up by Deviantart user TheEyZmaster.

There's a lot of great stuff here, the fact that Jasper is Nappa and Peridot is Vegeta is perfect, as are the scouters that are made to look like the screens from Peridot's limb enhancers. We also love the coloring of it all and the scenario presented would make for a great mini-comic crossover of some kind.


Now this is easily one of our favorites in the whole bunch, an awesome digital painting by Zach Smithson. This wonderful mash-up shows us what it would be like if Goku teamed up with the king of the monsters himself, Godzilla. Who knows what lead to this crazy team up, but we sure love thinking of some awesome scenarios. Maybe they fought at first, and Goku thought he was a bad guy, but soon they learned they had to work together to fight the real threat.

Smithson's work on the digital painting is fantastic, we particularly like that Goku's Kamehameha is the same color as Godzilla's atomic breath. The scale of the two is also great, showing that Goku, though small, is just as powerful as the king of monsters. For more of Smithson's awesome work, click here.


Next up is the last of the T-shirt designs, this one coming from Design By Humans. This mash-up takes the poster for Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and throws the Z-fighters into the shoes, or shall we saw suits, of the characters in the film. This awesome mash-up was done by Denis Orio Ibañez, who combined the two hyper-violent properties into one killer shirt design.

Think about what a Tarantino-styled episode of Dragon Ball would be like, all that super-powered fighting would be augmented with more blood and crazy stakes! We're not sure the Z-fighters would be up for a heist of any kind, but the way they fight amongst each other does read a bit like Reservoir dogs. Okay, maybe that's a stretch but it doesn't make this design any less cool.


These two franchises don't have quite as much in common with each other as the other mash ups on this list do, but Torokun on Deviantart found some cool ways to blend them together. First of all, using the fire flower power as a means to give Mario a ki-blast-like attack was brilliant, as was depicting Bowser as Frieza, since the two villains both have horns. We can also see a bit of Mr. Satan in Torokun's approach to Mario's design.

The scenario of this one is definitely cool since it makes Mario look a lot cooler by turning him into a powerful warrior who will face down any evil treat, rather than a jaunty, light-hearted plumber on a fun adventure. Not to knock on Mario or anything, we're just saying we'd kill to see a Dragon Ball Z-styled fight between Mario and Bowser. For more of Torokun's work, click here!


Next up is an awesome piece by Joe Hogan on Deviantart, who transformed the characters of Adventure time into the heroes and villains of Dragon Ball. This awesome mash-up keeps the style of Adventure Time while adding just the right amount of Akira Toriyama flair. Plus, we love which Dragon Ball characters Hogan chose to dress each AT character as. Finn as Goku is great, of course, and we also love LSP as Majin Buu, as well as Gunter as Frieza and Lady Rainicorn as Shenron.

This mash-up is perhaps the most insane of them all since, were it real, the two series' lores would make for one crazy story. Both franchises have such deep and dense stories that thinking about trying to combine them makes our head's spin! But, that doesn't make the art any less cool. For more of Joe Hogan's work, check out his Deviantart gallery!


Here we have yet another awesome Star Wars mash-up, perhaps the most stylish of them all. A piece by Instagram artist DrawNowo, this awesome mash-up depicts the Storm Troopers as part of a different empire, Frieza's galactic army. Not only is the artwork fantastic on this piece, especially the colors, but the way the designs of the battle armor and Storm Trooper armor were combined is absolutely awesome. In fact, we almost wish Star Wars would take a page out of Toriyama's book for some Storm Trooper redesigns.

The coolest part about this piece is that we can easily see this mash-up being real, since Frieza employed both powerful warriors and grunt soldiers into his empire, and he would no doubt send the expendable, and somewhat limitless Storm Troopers to search for dragon balls or to tire out his enemies. For more works by DrawNowo, check out his Instagram.


Well, it's settled, this is the most adorable drawing on this list, no contest. This mash-up, another piece by T. Ellis, puts Android 17 and his niece Marron in the places of Inspector Gadget and Penny respectively. This is such a fun one because of all the parallels between the characters. Sure, Inspector Gadget and Dragon Ball Z don't exactly have a lot in common, but these characters are perfect for this mash-up.

Both Inspector Gadget and Android 17 were turned into cyborgs, and both Penny and Marron are the nieces of cybernetic uncles, and Marron also had pigtails in her life at some point. Okay, it's not like they're identical, but it's still fun to imagine a scenario where Marron rides along on Android 17's adventures in protecting wildlife with his wacky array of gadgets.


Last but not least, we have these wonderful pins made by Raul Larrinaga, A.K.A. KameHaus on Etsy, which depict the characters of Robert Kirkman's Invincible in the style of Akira Toriyama. What makes this one so great is the fact that both series have a TON in common. Like Gohan and Goku, Mark and his father have rejected the violent ways of their people, the Viltrumites, who are a lot like Saiyans in terms of raw power. Both series also focus a ton on family and the characters actually get to age and change over time.

We know Invincible is getting a live-action movie, but another option could be an animated series, one with animation similar to Dragon Ball Z, with tons of crazy action sequences to adapt the intense and bloody fights of the comics. But, that's just a fantasy, and it most likely won't happen, despite how much we want it to. Click here to check out more products from KameHaus.

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