Dragon Ball: Judge Tosses Vic Mignona's Final Claims Against Funimation

Prolific voice actor Vic Mignogna has had the last of his seventeen claims of defamation against anime studio Funimation, two former colleagues, and a fiancé of one of the defendants dismissed by a Texas district judge.

Mignogna, who filed a suit this past April arguing he was being defamed by accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior including harassment and unwanted advances, had his five remaining claims dismissed by Texas State District Judge John Chupp. Mignonga had alleged that the Dallas-based studio along with voice actors Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, and Rial's fiancé Ronald Toye had committed defamation, tortious interference and civil conspiracy against him.

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The dismissal comes after a court-ordered mediation between the various aggrieved parties failed to reach a resolution earlier this week. Twelve of Mignogna's previous claims had been dismissed by Judge Chupp last month as part of a previous ruling. The dismissal means Mignogna will likely have to cover the accused parties' legal fees for the proceedings.

Mignogna has voiced several prominent anime characters over his career, including the Dragon Ball character Broly, subject of the latest film in the long-running anime franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Following the anime film's North American release this past January, allegations of years of harassment and inappropriate behavior committed by Mignogna surfaced online, leading to heated reaction between the fans and Mignogna being replaced for various Funimation projects with other voice actors after an internal investigation.

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Marchi and Rial's allegations of past harassment by Mignogna resulted in both voice actors being accosted online by toxic elements of the fandom while withdrawing from fan conventions that featured Mignogna. Following the dismissal, the court will now determine the amount due in legal fees and by which parties involved.

(via The Dallas Morning News)

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