Dragon Ball: 5 Things GT Did Better Than Super (& 5 Things Super Did Better)

After Dragon Ball Z finished its run, there was little else that the franchise could offer in TV form. In 1996, the team at Toei decided to continue the adventure of Goku and the gang with Dragon Ball GT. While Dragon Ball GT has its fans and its moments, the show is seen as a disappointment in the eyes of long-time DBZ fans.

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It wasn't until Dragon Ball Super launched in 2015 when fans were given a worthy successor to the series. So, we decided to look at five things that Dragon Ball GT did better than Dragon Ball Super and vise versa.

10 GT did Better: Super Saiyan 4

Fans may love Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, but we can't deny that they're just simple Color re-skins of both Goku and Vegeta's base and Super Saiyan forms. Super Saiyan 4, in comparison, is a much more unique-looking Transformation. The ape look, red fur, Black Hair; Super Saiyan 4 looks way cooler than Super Saiyan Blue. While we'd never want to see either of these transformations over-power each other, we'd love to see Super Saiyan 4 make a canonical appearance in the next installment of the Dragon Ball franchise.

9 Super did Better: Story Telling

One thing that GT suffered from was all of the various plot holes and inconsistencies it created. For Example, if the Earth was going to be destroyed by the power of the Black Star Dragon Balls, Why not use the earth's Dragon Balls? You could argue that they were more powerful, but then why didn't they go to Namek and ask them to use Porunga to cancel out the dangerous effect of the Black Star Balls? Speaking of which, if The Black Star Balls were going to destroy the earth in a year after they were used, wouldn't the planet still be destroyed after they would be used to save it?

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These are just some of the numerous plot holes found, and they were all in the first two episodes. Say what you will about Super, But it didn't' suffer inconsistencies like this or, at the very least, didn't happen as often to cause a problem.

8 GT did Better: Better animation consistency

GT's animation quality was a step down from DBZ. Dragon Ball Z was known for its bright, colorful animation and dynamic action sequences. GT, on the other hand, looked far more washed out and featured Red and Brown throughout. That being said, Dragon Ball GT didn't have the same amount of animation problems that Super faced. Just take a look at what happened with the Super Saiyan 2/3 Goku vs. Beerus fight. Sure, the battle was improved for home video, but then we had the downgrade of the Ressurection of F version of Super. GT at least didn't suffer from these same issues.

7 Super did Better: Goku is a man... child

One of the breaking points for GT was seeing Goku turned into a kid. Having one of the most influential and beloved characters of all time once again relegated to the look of a little kid could've been tolerable for just the Baby Saga, but fans are stuck with a prepubescent version of Goku for the entirety of GT.

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While Goku was a child in the original series, most people are far more familiar with the adult version of Goku. It's easy to see why Goku was back to his adult self for Super... even if he had the mind of a little kid.

6 GT did Better: Mustache Vegeta

Who doesn't love Mustache Vegeta? He's like if Freddie Mercury became an anime character. Sure, Vegeta had to cut some of his hair, but it made up for this awesome Mustache. Too bad Bulla had to convince Vegeta to shave it off.

5 Super did Better: Use of Pan

A lot of people did not like the version of Pan that was made for Dragon Ball GT. This version of Pan was an annoying kid who always had to prove how strong she was at every moment and would act like a scruffy brat in nearly every episode she was in. This wouldn't be bad if Pan weren't a major supporting character... but she is. To put it nicely, Pan is the Scrappy-Doo of the Dragon Ball franchise. Super's Pan is a baby, but we'll take aggressively cute Pan than aggressively annoying Pan any day of the week.

4 GT did Better: Supreme and Old Kai

The Supreme Kai and his elder played a vital role in Dragon Ball Z. They saved Gohan when Buu blasted him; Old Kai gave Goku his life, and Kibito Kai was able to teleport Dende to Namek so he can use the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back earth, allowing Goku to use the Spirit Bomb.

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In GT, they continue to aid Goku during the Baby Saga. After Baby nearly kills Goku, Kibito Kai saves him at the last minute and later finds sacred water that cured everyone from the Parasite that Baby gave them. In Super, the only thing they did was warn King Kai of Beerus's arrival. After that, they mostly kept to the sideline.

3 Super did Better: Villains

While GT had a few decent villains, most of them were pretty forgettable opponents for Goku to go up against. Most of the opponents Goku faced couldn't be named by anyone even if they had a gun to their head, Super 17 lasted about as long as the Garlic Jr. Saga and the only Shadow Dragons anyone remembers are Nova, Syn, and Eis. But even then, the foes the Z-Fighters faced in Super puts all the GT bad guys to shame. From the diabolical Zamasu to the intimidating Jiren, Super had a much more interesting cast of antagonists that Goku went up against.

2 GT did Better: New Finishing Moves

While it was great to see classic DBZ moves like the Kamehameha and Galick Gun make a return to Dragon Ball Super, there wasn't that much in terms of new techniques. GT did bring back these classic moves, but it also added a few more attacks for Goku and Vegeta to use, like the Super Dragon Fist from Wrath of the Dragon or the Final Shine Attack. It may not be much, but at least it was something.

1 Super did Better: Use of Supporting cast

Unless you're Goku, Pan, and Trunks, you're probably going to spend your time in the series beat' en up by one of the main villains of GT. While Super may still favor Goku and Vegeta when dealing with the big bads, other characters were able to show off their abilities and even take down a few foes in the Tournament of Power. In GT,  Characters like Goten, Gohan, and the Mighty Vegeta spend most of the time getting wrecked up by Baby, Super 17, and the Shadow Dragons. Worse, characters like Yamcha and Tien were MIA through it all, and Piccolo and Krillin had died for ridiculous reasons.

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