Dragon Ball: 10 Worst Things Goku Has Ever Done

Goku is supposed to be a force of good in the world of Dragon Ball. For over 30 years, he's been defending the universe from some of the greatest threats of all time. However, that hasn't stopped Goku from being responsible for some of the worst things to happen in the franchise. From causing the fate of the universe to hang in the balance to putting the life of his family in danger, here are some of the worst things Goku has ever done.

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10 Using All Of Master Roshi's Money For Food

When Goku competed in the first World Martial Arts Tournament back in Dragon Ball, he made it to the finals and lost to the likes of Jackie Chun. During the arc, it was revealed that Jackie Chun was Master Roshi in disguise. With all that Prize Money, Roshi was probably going to use it for his purposes. Fair enough, it's his money. But, Roshi wasn't allowed to use that money cause he had to pay the enormous bill from a restaurant, because of all the food Goku ate. Pretty mean of Goku.

9 Letting Frieza Get To 100%

So, when you finally have the upper hand against your foe, do you finish them off, or do you let them power up? If you're like a Saiyan, you'd probably end up doing the latter, even if your opponent killed your best friend. When Frieza decides to nuke the planet Namek, he only manages to take out the core, giving him and Goku only 5 minutes to finish their fight. However, instead of Goku finishing Frieza off when he has the chance, Goku lets Frieza reach his 100% form.

Sure, the Super Saiyan "rage" might be a factor, but you think to avenge the death of Krillin would be enough of a factor to throw some of that Saiyan bravado away. Nope, Saiyans are just too arrogant to let that happen. Just look at what happened when Vegeta fought Cell.

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8 Using Bulma and Videl As Leverage For Old Kai

When Goku returns to Other World, he learns that Gohan is still alive on the Planet of the Kais and teleports there to see his son. During some training with him, The two meet Old Kai, who has the power to unlock Gohan's hidden potential. When he doesn't feel like it, Goku tries to convince the old man by saying he'll let a hot girl come and kiss him.

At first, he tries to use Gohan's girlfriend, Videl, but Gohan isn't too happy about his father doing that. However, Goku then offers his oldest friend, Bulma, as the person to kiss Old Kai. Sure, desperate times call for extreme situations, but offering your first friend for a sexual favor is a pretty bad move. Couldn't he have Oolong turn into a girl and do it?

7 Never Kissing his Wife

Goku isn't exactly husband of the year material. Not only does he regularly abandon his family for training, but it's revealed in Super that he's never even kissed his wife. When Mai is knocked out and Trunks gives her a Senzu Bean via her mouth, Goku asks what he's doing. Vegeta asks if he's never kissed his wife only for Goku to tell him "no" nonchalantly.

Okay, we can understand that he didn't know what a bride was when he was a kid; it's not something that children know about. But, has Grandpa Gohan not given the boy a goodnight kiss or seen Yamcha and Bulma making out? Guess not.

6 Not Coming Back With The Namekian Dragon

When Namek explodes from Frieza's attack, it's revealed that Goku was able to make it off the dying planet thanks to one of the Saiyan Pods that the Ginyu Force left behind. However, when the Namekian Dragon is asked to bring Goku back to earth, Goku declines as he wants to finish his training on the planet Yardok.

Sure, Goku learns the instant transmission technique, but if Goku was on earth, he could of stop Frieza when he got there. He didn't know that Trunks would have been there.

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5 Letting His Son Fight Cell

When Goku sees that Gohan has an untapped power within him while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he figures that the boy can defeat the all-powerful Cell. Sure, he may have had the power, but that didn't mean that he had a chance to defeat the monster.

Cell ends up torturing the poor boy to get him mad. Finally, after having enough of seeing Gohan suffering, Piccolo tells Goku off that he's only a 9/11-year-old boy and doesn't know how to harness that power yet.

4 Sexual Harassment

Since Goku was confined to the forest most of his life, he's not exactly familiar with girls. However, one thing that Grandpa Gohan taught Goku was to treat girls with respect. So, when Goku is inspecting Bulma, he looks up her dress. Not only that, but, while Bulma is asleep, he thinks that her crotch is a pillow. When he wonders why she doesn't have... well, the same equipment, Goku pulls off Bulma's underwear.

If that's not bad enough, he then checks to see if Chi-Chi has any you-know-what while the two are riding the Nimbus Cloud. For someone who's heart is "pure" enough to ride the flying Nimbus, Goku sure has done some dirty things.

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3 Not Being Wished Back After Cell Killed Him

While Shenron isn't able to bring a person back twice in a row, the Z-Fighters decide to use the second wish to go to New Namek and use Porunga to bring him back. However, Goku decides that he doesn't want to come back to life.

Goku believed that he's constantly a magnet for villains and thinks that the earth would be better off without him. Maybe it's because we've read too many comics, but, while some supervillains will continuously want to combat the hero, most of them do because they want to cause trouble. Goku should have known better.

2 Not Killing Buu As A Super Saiyan 3

During his attempt to stall Majin Buu, Goku reveals that he can turn Super Saiyan 3. With the increased power, Goku goes toe-to-toe with Buu and gives Trunks enough time to find the Dragon Radar. When conversing with Piccolo, Goku tells his friend that he could have killed Buu but didn't because he wanted to give Goten and Trunks a chance to defeat the monster and says that the earth "can't rely on him all the time."

Well, because of this decision, all of Goku's friends are turned into candy by Super Buu, Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan are absorbed into Buu, and Kid Buu destroys the earth. Smart move Goku.

1 Starting The Tournament Of Power

One complaint that many fans had with Goku in Super was that he acted more like a child, especially when compared to how he was in Z. After the Tournament of Destroyers is finished, Zeno appears and says that he wants to have a tournament, which Goku happily agrees to join, despite the warnings of Beerus.

Thus, the Tournament of Power was born, where combatants across the multiverse would compete to save their universe. Yup, only one universe would be left standing while all the others would be wiped out of existence. Sure, 17 wished for all the universes to be restored, but 17 told Goku that he only joined so he could wish to go on a cruise with his wife and kids. Even though the Z-Fighters were successful in the tournament, they could have easily been erased from existence and it was all thanks to Goku.

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