Dragon Ball: 10 Times Goku Went Too Far

Throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has saved the Earth from destruction more times than he can count. In some cases, he's even managed to save the whole universe from major threats.

However, despite his good intentions, Goku is far from perfect. There have been several instances where Goku does things that go far beyond his usual antics.

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Most of the time these situations are the result of Goku’s lack of intelligence or because of his Saiyan nature. Even so, it does not excuse him for going the extra mile to do something others see as insane.

Here is a list featuring the 10 times that Goku went too far.

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10 He displays inappropriate behavior

While growing up, Goku was kept closed off from the rest of the world and was never properly educated in areas that most people know as general knowledge. These include being able to understand the concept of gender and a sense of shame. Throughout the series, his lack of knowledge in these areas has caused the hero to commit some rather inappropriate acts.

These include taking off Bulma’s undergarments while she was sleeping, as well as flashing and undressing in public. Even if he did these things mostly as a child, the fact that he still did them even when told not to, leads us to question his self-restraint.

9 He often leaves his family to go train

Being a parent is a full-time job that requires sacrifice. Unfortunately, Goku seems to forget most of the time what it means to be a proper parent. While he is not the worst father in the universe, he often fails to live up to his obligations. If anything, he prefers to go train, leaving Chichi to pick up the slack.

Even when he does manage to raise money doing odd jobs and farming, he only does it so that he can keep Chi-Chi satisfied enough to allow him to go to the end of the universe and train to his heart's content.

8 He tried to sell Bulma to Elder Kai

After Kid Buu destroys the earth in Dragon Ball Z, Goku and his allies agree to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to repair the damage. When Elder Kai objects, Goku negotiates with him by offering to let Bulma kiss him.

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Naturally, this upsets Vegeta who proceeds to yell and berate Goku for trying to offer up another man’s wife. What is worse is that when Vegeta questions why he doesn’t offer his own wife, Goku admits that she is not pretty enough. This is by far one of Goku’s lowest points if even Vegeta is criticizing him for his actions.

7 He let Beerus attack his friends

Following his first defeat at the hands of Beerus the Destroyer, Goku supposedly remained on King Kai’s world to recover, while Beerus headed for Earth in search of the Super Saiyan God.

During that time, Beerus crashes Bulma’s birthday party and later goes on a rampage. He not only beats the Z-Fighters but also slaps Bulma for yelling at him. Thankfully, Goku arrives just in time to save the day.

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However, after the battle is over, he accidentally reveals that he had been watching their fight the entire time. Considering that Beerus could have easily killed someone, his friends were right to be angry at him for not intervening sooner.

6 He chose to save Mr. Satan over his own children

When Kid Buu threatened to blow up the planet, Goku was forced to choose between saving his and Vegeta’s children or Mr. Satan. Naturally, you would think that his first instinct would be to protect his offspring. However, Goku does the unthinkable and chooses Mr. Satan instead. In the long run, this proves to be the right decision as he was instrumental in defeating Kid Buu.

Even so, this does not change the fact that Goku inadvertently let his kids die. A decision that even shocked Vegeta. The fact that Vegeta of all people is upset over a loss of life speaks volumes about the ethical implications behind Goku’s decision. Now, in all fairness, Goku only had a split second to react and probably just did not think it through.

5 He blew up King Kai and takes advantage of his kindness

Using Instant Transmission, Goku sacrifices himself to transport both him and an unstable Cell to a location where he can safely explode. While his intentions were noble, the only place Goku could think of was King Kai’s world.

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So yeah, Goku blew up his mentor. To make matters worse, he continues to take advantage of King Kai’s hospitality every chance he gets. This includes invading King Kai’s privacy to train on his tiny planet, destroy his property and eat all his food. Furthermore, despite promising several times, Goku constantly fails to resurrect him.

We can’t help but pity King Kai and praise him for putting up with Goku’s antics.

4 He helped revive Majin Buu

When Vegeta turned himself over to Babidi’s control and killed hundreds of people, Goku was understandably upset. However, as the more moral character of the two, he could have easily used his full strength to stop Vegeta.

Instead, Goku indulges Vegeta and decides to fight him, even threatening to kill the Supreme Kai to do so. Thus, when he fights Vegeta using Super Saiyan 2, he also contributes to accelerating Majin Buu’s resurrection.

What’s worse is that he could have easily defeated Vegeta and destroyed Babidi’s ship to prevent the resurrection. If he had acted sooner, then Vegeta’s sacrifice could have been avoided and Buu would not have killed so many people.

3 He let Gohan fight Cell

Out of all the reckless things Goku has done, having his son fight Cell in his place takes the cake.

Goku even makes things harder for Gohan by giving Cell a senzu bean to restore the villain's energy. What follows is a one-sided fight where Cell savagely beats Gohan, who refuses to fight him.

Even though Piccolo makes Goku understand that Gohan hates fighting, it is too late. By that point, Gohan has already suffered the most traumatic experience of his life. A trauma his father did little to stop. Honestly, it is a mystery why Gohan does not resent Goku.

2 He allows Frieza to continue his evil ways


When Goku recruited Frieza for the Tournament of Power, the latter only agrees if Goku promises to resurrect him. After the tournament concludes, Frieza is resurrected and Goku lets him go free, despite knowing that Frieza will return to his evil ways. It is hard to believe that Goku would easily allow his greatest foe to live, especially after he made such a big deal about Frieza’s evil nature after he killed Krillin.

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1 He is responsible for the Tournament of Power

When Goku suggests to the Omni King about having a tournament involving the best fighters from all 12 universes, all he could think of was being able to test his strength. However, the situation soon spirals out of control when the Grand Priest announces a new condition for the tournament. If all the fighters from a universe are defeated, then that universe, along with its inhabitants, will be erased.

By the time the tournament is over, 11 universes are erased, resulting in an immeasurable number of deaths. While they may have all been resurrected in the end, it does not excuse Goku for risking so many lives just to satisfy his love of fighting.

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