Dragon Ball: The 10 Strongest Goku Punches Of All-Time

If there's one thing everyone can say about Dragon Ball's Goku is that he knows how to throw a punch. Throughout the series, Goku has been taught by the best martial artist of all time to expand his skills and increase his strength. As he's grown, Goku has shown his expansive power in several different ways, including laying a punch on his greatest foes.

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So, we decided to take a look back on the best punches Goku has ever thrown through the Dragon Ball franchise. Whether he was able to beat them in a single blow or not won't matter, so as long as Goku's hit was able to leave a mark on foes and the audience.

10 Punching Jeice in the nose

Kicking off this list is Goku's first punch on Planet Namek, and it's one of his funniest punches. After Jeice and Burter witness Goku beating Recoome using an elbow to the gut, the dynamic duo of the Ginyu Force decides to "throw some pain on the barbie."

During Jeice is speech, Goku decides to shut him up with one punch. Jeice then lets out a cowardly scream, and we all have a good laugh at Goku doing the impossible: shutting a villain up mid monologue.

9 Getting a Hit on Hit

Hit was such a tricky character for Goku to fight, as he used his Time-Skip to dodge Goku and Vegeta's attacks. Goku was able to land a few blows on Hit, but the deadly assassin seemed to be too fast for our hero.

That is until Goku pulled out his trump card: the Kaioken technique. Goku was able to land one heck of a punch on Hit, before following up with dozens of rapid blows before following it up with a Kamehameha.

8 Going through King Piccolo

After facing numerous defeats at the hands of King Piccolo, Goku engaged with the Demon King for one last fight. With his right arm and left leg out of commission, Goku uses a one-handed Kamehameha attack to blast himself towards King Piccolo.

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He then summons what little energy he has left into a single punch and rams himself through King Piccolo, ending the demonic villain once and for all. Even as a kid, Goku's fist was a force not to be reckoned with.

7 Punching Broly's Guts out

After gaining the remaining energy from his friends, Goku pushes Broly, and the two partake in one last showdown. Luckily, Goku dodged Broly's punch and laid one right in Broly's Gut. The "final" fight may have been short, but it was enough for Broly to blow his guts out.

Broly may be a bloodthirsty Super Saiyan, but he lost his title of "Legendary" when he went up against Goku. Luckily for us, this wouldn't be the end of Broly.

6 Dragon Fist on Eis Shenron

When Eis Shenron seems to have given up against Super Saiyan 4 Goku, the most devious member of the Shadow Dragons decides to blind Goku with his Ice Claws. Eis has already proven to do anything to beat his opponents, as he previously used Pan as a Human Shield earlier in his fight against Goku, but this was still a low blow for Eis.

Eis then tries to attack Goku, but he counters with a punch so hard that he punches right through Eis. It was so satisfying seeing Goku taking out Eis. Goku then finishes him off with Super Dragon Fist, obtaining the 3-star Dragon Ball in the process.

5 Gut punching Frieza

After Dende wished for everyone but Goku and Frieza to be teleported from Namek to Earth, the two most potent forces in the universe finish their conflict on the dying planet. After Goku insults Frieza, the tyrant jumps and attempts to attack Goku, but the Super Saiyan counters with one hell of a punch to the gut. Then, Frieza slowly starts to fall to his knees and looks to Goku in fear.

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It was at this moment that audiences learned that no matter what he threw at Goku, Frieza would not be coming out of this fight alive.

4 Spirit Bomb Punching Super Android 13

After forming the Spirit Bomb, Goku decides to absorb the attack to finish off Android 13. Seeing the Spirit Bomb return in one of the Movies was already impressive, but the beautiful animation on display made for one of the best interpretations of the infamous attack.

Just as 13 tries to strike him, Goku punches the Android through the gut and disintegrates it into oblivion. Long before the Spirit Bomb helped Goku achieve Ultra Instinct, it helped him take out one of his tougher robotic foes.

3 Goku's One Inch Punch on Frieza

While fighting against Goku in his Golden form, Frieza's energy begins to drain, and even his most significant punches come off like nothing against Goku. After one of Frieza's non-threatening punches, Goku decides to take a page out of Bruce Lee and uses one of the Martial Artist's legendary attacks, the One Inch Punch.

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Seeing Lee's techniques used by one of the greatest anime heroes of all time was both fantastic and awe-inspiring for millions of fans everywhere. Still doesn't make up for the time Goku humiliated Bruce Lee in the original series.

2 Making Jiren pay

While Goku isn't as sentimental as other protagonists in other shonen anime, he still does care about his friends and family. When Jiren tries to attack Goku's Friends in the balcony, Goku deflects the attack and gets upset at Jiren for attempting to do such an act. Goku then goes on the offensive and smacks Jiren in the face with a devastating punch.

We've seen Goku angry about villains threatening his friends, but never have we seen him angry on such a personal level like this since Frieza first killed Krillin back on Namek.

1 Kaioken x3 on Vegeta

It was the fight that would make Dragon Ball Z a household name. After Goku narrowly survives one of Vegeta's blasts, he decides to pull out all the stops and uses a Kaioken X3 on Vegeta. He then flies towards the Saiyan and smacks him in the face. Despite a fantastic blow to Vegeta, this isn't the Punch we loved the most. It was when Vegeta tries to counter-attack that made us giddy as kids. Just as Vegeta tries to strike back, Goku dodges and lands a blow right to Vegeta's stomach. He then starts holding his gut before getting really mad at Goku.

It was even better in the uncut DVDs as we saw Vegeta cough up blood from his mouth. It just goes to show that Goku was right when he said that even a lower class warrior could surpass an elite if he trains hard enough.

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