Dragon Ball: Goku's Most Powerful Moves, Ranked According To Strength

Since Goku was a child, he could pull off amazing feats that no human could do. While it was later revealed that he was a Saiyan Warrior, it was still incredible to see him continually push himself beyond his limits. Throughout Goku's adventures, he's also picked up several different techniques and abilities along the way.

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From his trademark Kamehameha wave to the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan, Goku has a lot of attacks at his disposal. So, for this list, we'll be looking back at Goku's most powerful moves and ranking them based on pure strength. Be it a transformation or an energy attack, it's going to be included.

10 Solar Flare

Initially used by his friend Tien, Goku has learned how to use this powerful defensive technique. By putting one's hand over their face, the Solar Flare allows an opponent to summon bright energy so that they may temporarily blind an opponent.

While not one of Goku's more common techniques, it had helped him in a few tight spots, such as when he blinded Great Ape Vegeta so that he could gather the energy needed to use another one of his more potent abilities.

9 Instant Transmission

After Goku survived his endeavor with the mighty Frieza, he crashes on the planet Yardart. While there, Goku learned the Yardanians' teleportation ability, Instant Transmission. Touch one's forehead with the Index and Middle Finger, as well as sensing the energy of a person, one can teleport anywhere across the universe in a matter of seconds.

This ability has allowed Goku to dodge incoming attacks that would be too fast for him to boost away from. Goku's even learned to combine this with his Kamehameha attack so that he can hit opponents like Cell and Top at close range.

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8 Great Ape Transformation

When Goku was a wee lad, his Grandpa Gohan knew he was different from other little boys the second he saw Goku's tail. Saiyans can grow tails that can allow them to turn into Giant Apes, whenever they see the Full Moon. According to Goku, the first time he transformed, he accidentally killed his Grandpa Gohan.

While adult Saiyans can control their actions, Young Saiyans are unable to do so, and they go on violent rampages whenever they see the Full Moon. The first time audiences saw this was when Goku looked at the Full Moon when he and his friends were trapped in Emporer Pilaf's castle.

7 Destructo Disk

The Destructo Disk attack was first used by Krillin when he fought against Nappa and Vegeta.  The disk has the power to cut through just about anything, depending on the power of the user. Over the years, the attack has been adopted by both Goku and Vegeta.

Goku first used his best friend's attack when he arrived back on earth to save the planet when Super Buu was about to destroy it when he had Absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. Later, Goku borrowed the attack again when he tried to eliminate Jiren during the Tournament of Power.

6 Kaioken

During Goku's training with King Kai, the blue deity passed down this technique to him. The Kaioken can multiply one's strength and energy up to 20 times the user's standard stats. The catch is that the method puts a massive strain on the user's muscles when used for a prolonged period. At first, Goku could only use the Kaioken and multiply it x4 his base strength, before being able to increase it by x20 when he fought against Frieza.

Though he abandoned the ability after this fight, Goku brought it back when he fought against Hit during the Tournament of Destroyers in Dragon Ball Super, and would go on using it for the rest of the series.

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5 Kamehameha

It's the trademark technique of the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi, and Goku's most famous attack. Goku first used this technique when he saw Master Roshi performed it. Since then, Goku has continuously used this powerful energy beam in all of his greatest fights.

From his battles against King Piccolo, Frieza, Cell, Buu, Beerus, and more, this powerful blue energy blast has helped Goku out in dozens of bouts.

4 Dragon Fist

During his fight against the monster Hirudegarn, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 and used this attack to destroy the giant monster. The attack summons an energy dragon that rams through any opponent. While this was only in the movies, Goku began using this attack during GT, when he fought against Super Android 17 and later against Eis and Omega Shenron as a Super Saiyan 4.

It may not be a canonical attack, but it's none the less a strong attack that we hope to see made canon appearance later down the line since it's been used by Goku in many Video Games.

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3 Super Saiyan transformations

Initially, when a Saiyan experiences great pain and agony, the rage transforms them into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta first hinted at the ability after he saw Goku defeat Recoome with ease. Later, Goku had achieved this ability when Frieza killed Krillin. Since then, just about every Saiyan has gained the ability to use it. The transformation boosts a Saiyan's power several times their base strength and changes their hair in several different styles and colors.

Over the years, Goku and his friends have been able to dig deep and learn to push themselves beyond the simple Super Saiyan form and achieve Super Saiyan 2, 3, 4, God, and Blue. It's only a matter of time before Goku will find a way to push himself beyond Blue and find another form of the Super Saiyan transformation.

2 Spirit Bomb

Like the Kaioken, Goku first learned this ability when training with King Kai. By summoning the energy of living beings, Goku can create a large energy ball that grows more significant; the more power is gained.

Goku first used it when Fighting against Vegeta, where it was slightly larger than the size of Krillin's head. Since then, the attack has grown larger, especially when using it against the likes of Frieza, Buu, and Jiren... Though the success rate is currently 1 to 4.

1 Ultra Instinct transformation

Goku's most recent ability is also his most potent. After surviving the explosion of his Spirit Bomb, Goku is somehow able to achieve this powerful transformation. During this transformation, Goku gains a silver/blue aura around him, along with large silver pupils.

His speed and strength are dramatically increased beyond belief, with him able to land powerful punches in the blink of an eye. As he learns to hone his skills with Ultra Instinct, he's able to achieve it's mastered form. However, like the Kaioken, the downside to this power is that Goku can only use it for so long before it puts a strain on his body.

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