Dragon Ball: Goku's 10 Best Quotes

Fans of the massive series Dragon Ball Z know that Goku is an endless source of hilarious and inspiring quotes. The character and his outspoken personality are larger than life. If you love this confidant, gluttonous and clever Saiyan you'll enjoy this list of quotes.

They range from the embossing to the bone-chilling. He threatens his enemies, brags about his people and discovers the wonders of the female body in this list. Get ready for a stroll through some favorite Goku memories.

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10 Irresistible Opportunity


Goku has an infectious personality. His enthusiasm for life spreads to everyone around him. His competitive nature and love of a good fight are signature traits. "Sorry, I saw an opening that just screamed 'attack!' so I did, ha!" This quote showcases the Saiyan's thirst for competition.

He can't resist the urge is he feels he can upstage someone. Goku rushes into battle with incredible gusto. It's in his Saiyan blood to charge headlong into the glory of battle.

9 Anatomy Is Confusing

"Why do women have butts on their chest.". Kids say the darndest things! Goku isn't exactly known for being abreast of the female anatomy, especially in his youth. It's not hard to imagine the average kid on the street asking a similar awkward question.

For some reason, it's even cuter coming from little Goku. Fans who follow the entire metaseries enjoy the privilege of watching Goku become only slightly less dense. He maintains much of his charming oblivious nature but perhaps a basic anatomy course is in order.

8 D.I.Y Project

”I think I know how to get that smirk off your ugly mug. I’m going to renovate your face.”. There's nothing quite like a delicate and subtle turn of phrase. A good metaphor is a priceless device. Goku is about as subtle as a chainsaw. He has all the delicacy and precision of a shotgun.

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What his threat lacks in subtlety it makes up for in sheer chutzpah. The confidence it takes to threaten to renovate someone's face is impressive. Is Goku even a licensed contractor? Is he qualified to make these changes?

7 Sportsmanship

If there's anything Goku lies for its an honorable victory in a good fight. ”Look, Cell’s kind of worn out right now. It just wouldn’t be fair if Gohan beats him when he isn’t at his best, you know.” It's clear from this quote that Goku knows what he stands for.

He has an ethical code that requires fair sportsmanship. He believes it's only right to give his opponents a fighting chance and he believes everyone deserves the same courtesy. This generosity often gets him in trouble. He doesn't like to kick a man while he's down but those men eventually get back up.

6 Self-Improvement

”Maybe you’ll come back someday as…as a better person, I hope. I’d like that. Perhaps we’ll have a little one on one.”. Even the most hardcore Goku fan has to admit, he's too quick to forgive. Goku has a big heart.

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He's a merciful and compassionate guy. He spares his enemies but at what cost? He always tried to be the bigger man only to be attacked the moment he turns his back. This quote demonstrates Goku's desire to believe in the best in everyone. He wants to see every person reach their potential.

5 Nightmare Fuel

Even a man as incredible as Goku require an introduction on occasion. ”I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am the truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you” seems like a pretty vivid way to tell people exactly who they're dealing with.

There's no question left at the end of this mouthful. He lets his foes know what they're in for. There's no sense in beating around the bush. Why not cut straight to the chase? Instilling a little fear in your enemies isn't the worst strategy. There are few who could keep their nerve against the confidence of a Saiyan.

4 Full Of Heart

Goku is passionate. He lives his life with his heart on his non-existent sleeve. A life lived without this passion seems meaningless to the orange-clad hero. ”I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.”.

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Goku knows what really matters in life. It's the things and people you loved that will matter as you look back at your life. He'd rather valiantly defend the morals and ideals he believes in than possess a great mind. What would Goku be without his burning heart and strict standards? His character would be half as interesting if he was a cold, logical being.

3 Airing Of Grievances

A trademark of a good hero is the willingness to take up the mantle of the downtrodden. You must be ready to risk it all to protect others. Goku is definitely that kind of guy. ”You must be Frieza, the one responsible for the horrible chain of events that have taken place on this planet. Whatever problems you have with Vegeta, you can take them up with me now.”

Goku is ready to jump in on the side of good and he sees no reason not to shout it from the mountain tops. It's just his style to be straight forward and tell people exactly where they stand with him. Goku wants the world to know that he's there to take care of business.

2 Friendly Advice

If there's anyone who's generous and kind to his opponents it's Goku. ”Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself. You haven’t beaten us yet.”. He kindly advises his enemies to keep their confidence in check before they face his might.

It's not an outright brag, but there's a hint of bravado in his words. This quote highlights just how charming and cocky Goku can be. This humble statement gets his essence across pretty quickly. He's fairly sure he'll come out victorious and he even wants to minimize any embarrassment for those he's about to defeat.

1 Flex

Anyone who loves Dragon Ball knows all about Saiyan Pride. Even those like Goku who weren't raised in their culture feel an innate sense of pride in themselves. This pride is what drives their incredible competitive streak. Goku is absolutely full of Saiyan pride. ”Show ’em what a Saiyan’s made of!” is a fine example of this.

Goku wants the world to know just why his people revel in battle and rejoice in honest victory. He wants to be the best he can be to make his people proud. Saiyans are a strong and incredibly powerful people. He has every right to be proud of his incredible abilities.

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