Dragon Ball: Gohan's Most Powerful Moves, Ranked According To Strength

Though he hasn't been the strongest Saiyan warrior since his fight with Cell, Gohan boasts an impressive track record, with several fights under his belt in which he displayed some truly destructive, well-executed techniques. Unlike many of the other Z-Fighters, Gohan has had more than one master, learning from Piccolo first, then Goku before the Cell Games, and finally from deities like the Supreme Kai and Old Kai.

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To celebrate him for his triumphs, rather than the huge string of disappointment he gave us (especially in Super), we've compiled a list of 10 of his most powerful moves ranked in accordance with the sheer amount of power Gohan placed behind them. A disclaimer that this list will avoid attacks that incorporate Goku's assistance, so this will be the only time the Father-Son Kamehameha is mentioned on this list.

10 Leave My Daddy Alone!

Gohan had always possessed incredible potential, but could only access it when his emotions reached a boiling point. While Piccolo and Goku were unable to put a scratch on Raditz, Gohan, fueled by the rage of seeing his father hurt, gave Raditz a headbutt he won't be forgetting any time soon.

Not only did the attack surprise everyone, but it nearly knocked Raditz off his feet, and even cracked his resilient suit of Saiyan battle armor.

9 Hidden Potential

After Piccolo first saw signs of Gohan's hidden power, he was determined to turn him into a fighter who could help him defeat Nappa and Vegeta when they arrived. Wanting to show him firsthand what he was capable of, Piccolo hurled him into a mountain.

Put under the appropriate amount of stress, Gohan inadvertently generated an energy beam strong enough not only to obliterate the mountain but the ground for miles on end beyond that. Though this attack looks impressive, it would be considered child's play compared to some of the other techniques Gohan would develop and use consciously in his latter years.

8 Explosive Madan

Gohan is known for using the environment to his advantage, and the short-ranged Explosive Madan is an example of this. He first used this technique to trick Dabura, firing the slow-moving beam of energy from both palms while concealing himself underwater. Dabura, distracted by the incoming projectile, opened himself up for Gohan's sneak attack.

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The Explosive Madan is so powerful that Gohan had to make sure not to get hit by it himself; it's a risky technique that only someone at his caliber could pull off. In Resurrection 'F', Gohan used this move after he managed to lead countless Frieza soldiers into a thin crevice, taking many out at once. Unfortunately, due to the move's limited range, it didn't take out many soldiers, but we'll be the first to admit that it did look pretty cool.

7 Super Explosive Wave

Much like his Explosive Madan, Gohan used a Super Explosive Wave to deal with several foes in one move. The attack generates a sphere of energy surrounding Gohan's body that knocks back enemies who get too close and is so powerful and bright that even the Supreme Kai was forced to turn his back and brace himself.

From what we've seen in the Budokai Tenkaichi videogame series, the size and power of Gohan's Super Explosive Wave is comparable to that of Super Saiyan 3 Goku's, a sign of how far he's come and how much of his latent power he's learned to access at will.

6 Burst Rush

Gohan's Burst Rush is an attack that literally brought Super Buu to his knees after Old Kai unlocked Gohan's latent powers. This technique exuberates flare, with Gohan pummeling his opponent with a barrage of punches and kicks before launching them into the air.

After flying upside-down, he smacks them back to the ground with so much force that, if they manage to catch themselves, they land painfully on their knees. The attack is nothing short of disorienting, so much so that after Super Buu landed, he had trouble locating Gohan. Though he used this move in parts during the anime, videogames often depict the full string of blows, launched one after the other, and in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Gohan finishes the move with a powerful Kamehameha.

5 Masenko

During the fight against Frieza on Namek, fans got several glimpses of Gohan's ever-growing power. When Frieza proceeded to torment Piccolo with his Crazy Finger Beam attack, Gohan used his Masenko to save his mentor. After charging up the attack, even Frieza in his Third Form had trouble holding it back, straining himself as it pushed him all the way to the ground.

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Although he managed to reflect it, the attack would've gotten the better of him had he not already transformed. After Piccolo managed to redirect the attack before it hit Gohan, it exploded into countless energy spheres that rained down onto the planet, generating several huge explosions.

4 Gekiretsu Madan

After Frieza impaled Krillin with his horns while in his Second Form, Gohan gave Frieza a kick to the head and a barrage of punches to the gut so fierce that it knocked the spit out of him. After kicking Frieza onto an island, Gohan fired off his Gekiretsu Madan, unleashing a volley of energy blasts so powerful that even when Gohan took a break from shooting, the ensuing explosion remained.

Gohan finished off the attack by firing one powerful energy blast that left Frieza face-down, dirtied, and completely vulnerable. Though he wasn't down for long, the attack admittedly got the best of him, wounding his pride more than anything else.

3 Super Masenko

Yes, we know we already talked about Gohan's Masenko, but his Super Masenko is a different attack altogether. Gohan's Super Masenko is the culmination of his Masenko coupled with his Super Saiyan powers.

After firing off the technique, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber trembled from the massive amount of energy being released, and the ensuing explosion was so large that it nearly engulfed Gohan himself. We're just lucky he didn't accidentally destroy the Chamber with this one, or else, he and Goku would've been trapped in there until one of them became a Super Saiyan 3.

2 Quiet Rage

Like the name of this attack suggests, Gohan uses it as a Super Saiyan 2 when he has nothing more to say to his enemy. Most famously, he used this attack to finish off the Cell Jrs., along with Bojack and his crew. The attack is so strong that it features kicks so sharp and punches so focused that any enemy struck not only breaks into two parts depending on where they were hit, but their corpse abruptly turns to dust.

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In the original Japanese-language version of Dragon Ball Super, Goku tells Beerus that "a Super Saiyan 2 punch is so strong that it can take you to another dimension." Since the enemy's body disappears without a trace after this attack, we've often thought that this move was what he was referring to, which is rather comical if you think about a headless Cell Jr. corpse being transported to another dimension.

1 Ultimate Kamehameha

When Cell launched a Kamehameha strong enough to destroy the entire planet from above, Gohan, too confident in his new Super Saiyan 2 abilities, shot a Kamehameha so powerful at the last second that it not only completely overpowered Cell's, but managed to destroy half of his body upon hitting him. This finishing move engulfs a wide range, allowing Gohan to take out powerful fighters during the Tournament of Power, among them being Universe 10's Obuni, as well as Universe 6's Saonel and Pirina.

Unlike a normal Kamehameha, Gohan's Ultimate Kamehameha is difficult to block given that it just straight-up engulfs the enemy. The last time we saw him use a Kamehameha of such magnitude was during his brief fight against Toppo, who shrugged the attack off like it was nothing, proving that while Gohan is one of the strongest Saiyans alive, he still has a long way to go. Hopefully, he continues his training, because we'd love to see just what he'd do with some god ki.

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