'Dragon Ball Fusions' trailer showcases game's many characters

Bandai Namco has released the first full-length trailer for Dragon Ball Fusions, the upcoming role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS. And we do mean full-length.

Clocking in at four minutes, the video showcases gameplay, the Fusion system and a truly impressive roster of characters, drawing from incarnations ranging from the original Dragon Ball to the current Dragon Ball Super.

Debuting Aug. 4 in Japan, Dragon Ball Fusions will allow players to fuse just about any character from Akira Toriyama’s blockbuster series. By using a Capsule Corp-made bracelet, new fusions — they’re called “EX Fusions” — are now possible, including Karoly (Kakarot (Goku) x Broly); Gorillin (young Goku x Krillin); Krigohan (Gohan x Krillin); and Prillin (Piccolo x Krillin).

The game's Nintendo 3DS bundle will include a new Dragon Ball Fusions-themed Nintendo 3DS LL (aka XL).

(via Siliconera, Anime News Network)

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