10 Dragon Ball Fusions That Don't Really Make Sense

Ever since fusion was introduced in Dragon Ball, we have seen some of the best combinations and designs that made our eyes light up with excitement but what happens when people take advantage of this technique and get entirely carried away to make some... Cursed characters?

This list will cover some of the most bizarre and unnecessary fusions that we have seen and what exactly makes them so weird and useless in a real battle. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who are huge fans of these fusions. It's fanservice. After all, what Dragon Ball fan wouldn't lose his mind at Broly and Goku fusing together?

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10 Chiaoman (Chiaotzu And Saibaman)

Pairing up Chiaotzu and Guldo almost sort of makes sense because both characters have psychic powers and are trained in martial arts but when it’s Chiaotzu and a Saibaman, things just get weird and lame. The two main reasons for this fusion are ridiculous and kind of cringeworthy.

The first reason deals with their physique, considering both characters are relatively small and the second reason is that both characters have a kamikaze style attack which just makes them super compatible. However, both characters are not very strong after the initial Saiyan Saga, and their fusion isn't exactly in the "powerful" bracket.

9 Gorillin (Krillin And Goku)

Though the fusion would, at least, still give a decent fighter, the power-up won’t exactly be substantial. Krillin and Goku are both great fighters and best friends, giving their fusion merit and acceptance, to a degree, but the sheer gap in power between both of them can't really be overlooked, regardless of how great their synchronicity is.

Goku's Saiyan heritage has soared him to great heights while Krillin's human heritage has limited him to a level which is far below his best friend’s. The fusion may bring about a slight power boost but it is not enough for a game-changing advantage.

8 Yamta (Yamcha And Vegeta)

Ah, yes, the only two characters that were into Bulma combined into one. Anybody paired up with Yamcha,  who, at this point, is considered the weakest character, will end up being rather weak himself. The Saiyan Prince fused together with the weakest character in Dragon Ball Z just destroys any hope he might have of winning.

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Being one of the most powerful characters, Vegeta has proved his merit time and time again, even when the odds were stacked against him while Yamcha, weakest of the fighters, has only ever succeeded when his opponent was weaker than him or weakened in general. Not only that, but Vegeta truly doesn't think highly of his wife Bulma's ex. This fusion is like oil and water.

7 Tiencha (Tien And Yamcha)

Currently, Tien has maintained his position as one of the strongest warriors on Earth due to his rigorous training but that is only limited to battles against opponents that Goku or Vegeta could beat in their base or Super Saiyan form.

Pairing him up with Yamcha only makes his usefulness less reliable because apart from his weak power, Yamcha has a very cocky attitude which is the polar opposite of Tien. Considering that they don’t see eye to eye on their approach towards battle, this fusion would backfire magnificently and waste precious energy. It'd be somewhat relevant to fuse Tien with Goku or Vegeta.

6 Cellin (Cell And Krillin)

Another case involving the little guys. Cell Juniors were very strong adversaries who could take a full powered Super Saiyan Goku head on and even win. While Krillin's power has not seen a substantial increase since the Frieza Saga, in this case, it was Imperfect Cell who absorbs Krillin.

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The biggest concern is that because Krillin isn't as powerful, the fusion would make them weak. In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, the debuff was so bad that despite already absorbing Android 17, he was barely able to hold his own against Yamcha. That's just before Tien Shinhan obliterates what remains of him using his Tri-Beam.

5 Majuub (Majin Buu And Uub)

A lot of people might be upset about this addition but it is worth looking at. Uub is the reincarnated version of Kid Buu, Whereas Majin Buu is just what Kid Buu became after he absorbed several pure and innocent people. To gain an exponential power boost, both Uub and Buu decide to become one again and thus Majuub was born.

The power increase is no laughing matter but how did a kid and big pink blob fuse together to make a muscular, teenage human? Taking into account the past events of DBZ, every time Super Buu absorbed someone, he retained his Buu features and his physique also matched the absorbed person.

4 Gokule (Goku and Hercule)

This fusion is one of the most ridiculous, weak and funny fusions because even Goku thinks it’s a nightmare. Mr. Satan (Hercule) is the “proclaimed” hero who beat Cell and saved the world but this is only a facade. He got lucky because the Z Fighters didn't want to make the front page and become the center of attention.

This fusion between the false hero and the true hero is briefly shown when Super Buu gives Goku a chance to fuse with someone and Goku, looking at his options, uses his imagination to guess what he and Hercule would look like. It scared him because he knew that it a Gokule fusion could potentially be a debuff.

3 Denku (Dende And Goku)

Another fusion that has absolutely no benefit whatsoever in terms of power. This fusion was the first choice Goku could think up of in order to beat Super Buu and let’s just say that the result wasn’t fortuitous in any way.

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Dende is just a peaceful Namekian with healing ability and has never trained or battled, so when Goku imagines their fusion, he can’t help but feel disappointed because it was obvious it would never work out. The design of the fusion even makes it very unappealing because it'd be a green Goku with antennas, which is neither practical nor particularly helpful.

2 Karoly (Kakarot And Broly)

This fusion itself is very powerful, and could easily become the strongest possible fusion if not for a mental hurdle. Broly (the non-canon version) and Goku both combine to give us a powerful fusion that would rival the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan but the characters are not at all compatible in terms of how they think.

Broly hates Goku completely and only wishes to kill him in a rage-fueled fight whereas Goku is a calm and experienced fighter who takes the situation into consideration before acting. Their minds would crumble before even becoming one because both would battle for control and dominance.

1 Pandel (Pan And Videl)

The fusion looks amazing but it’s not exactly useful or necessary. Pan being Videl and Gohan's daughter and Videl being Hercule's daughter and Pan's mother, they would make a good compatible fusion but the final result won’t be very rewarding.

Pan is one-fourth Saiyan so that makes her quite powerful but Videl is completely human and has not undergone training like Krillin, which makes her equivalent to Hercule in terms of strength. Plus, the concept of blood relatives fusing is a bit weird, even Goku only wanted to fuse with Gohan because he was the only acceptable candidate at that time who was alive.

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