• A judge made a series of rulings Friday in Vic Mignogna's lawsuit against Funimation and others. 1 / 12

  • The Broly voice actor sued Funimation and two voice actors (plus the fiance of one actor). 2 / 12

  • The claims included defamation, tortious interference with contracts and civil conspiracy. 3 / 12

  • Funimation and the other defendants all made public comments about sexual harassment claims against Mignogna. 4 / 12

  • The motions to dismiss were based on claiming that Mignogna's lawsuit is an illegal SLAPP suit. 5 / 12

  • SLAPP suits are defamation lawsuits designed to silence critics of an individual or company. 6 / 12

  • The judge dismissed all claims against Jamie Marchi, the voice for Marcarita in Dragon Ball: Super. 7 / 12

  • The judge also dismissed most of the charges against Funimation and Monica Rial (Bulma in Dragon Ball: Super) and Ron Toye (Rial's fiance). 8 / 12

  • The judge left open the claims of defamation against Funimation, Rial and Toye (plus civil conspiracy between Rial/Toye). 9 / 12

  • However, the judge ruled that Mignoga was a public figure, which makes it harder to claim defamation. 10 / 12

  • The judge will rule on the remaining defamation (and civil conspiracy) claims in the next 30 days. 11 / 12

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