Dragon Ball: Frieza's Most Powerful Moves, Ranked According To Strength

Ask any anime fan who Frieza is and they'll answer with a shiver if they know anything at all about Dragon Ball Z. If they're a hardcore fan, they might even wet themselves a little! He's come a long way over the years, from his days of ruling the galaxy with an iron fist to fighting alongside the very same warriors he once tried to kill.

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Below are 10 of his most powerful moves, judged on the amount of sheer power that these attacks possessed when Frieza displayed them for all to marvel at. Note that many of his attacks start with the word: DEATH. You've got to appreciate a guy who's clear about his intentions.

10 Pressure Point Attack

Frieza first debuted his Pressure Point Attack after returning to the world of the living in order to fight alongside the other Universe 7 warriors for the Tournament of Power. When he found himself up against a horde of Universe 9 assassins, all it took was for him to tap a single finger against their foreheads, depositing a small amount of ki that caused their heads to explode.

It's difficult to tell exactly how effective this technique would be against higher-level opponents like Goku, Vegeta, or Jiren, but since all of these fighters could easily track his movements, they'd probably just snap his finger off if he even looked at their foreheads the wrong way.

9 Death Comet

After Vegeta stole the Dragon Balls right from under his nose, Frieza relied on random shots in a vain attempt to draw the Saiyan prince back out into the open. After charging a malicious red aura, Frieza didn't even have to move an inch to bombard Namek with island-destroying bullets of energy.

These blasts were so powerful that they not only vaporized the random chunks of land that they struck but tore up the ground that they passed over. Though this could ravage the surface of a planet in seconds, Frieza wasn't able to control where these blasts went. In all his carelessness, he could have even destroyed the Dragon Balls!

8 Death Storm

What better way to introduce a new transformation than by debuting a new move? Similar to Nappa's Volcano Explosion, Frieza's Death Storm allowed him to release a mass of energy in a huge explosive wave that disintegrated all the land around him. The explosion was so large that it could be seen from orbit, and the sheer force of this attack was enough to generate a planet-wide tsunami.

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Its range of immediate destruction is very limited, since Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta were all able to avoid it without any serious injuries, but that was mostly due to the attack blowing them further out of its range in the first place. Feels pretty counterproductive, but remember, Frieza loves to play with his prey.

7 Death Wave

If Frieza truly wanted to, he could've killed Goku with his Death Wave attack, but he decided to use this technique to terrorize the Saiyan warrior, carving a fissure along the length of the planet so deep that the ocean began to drain into it. It was this attack that caused Goku to suffer a mini-breakdown, second-guessing his own abilities.

If anything, this attack should earn Frieza some props. Not only could he split the planet in seconds, something that only Arale, a gag character, has been shown to do, but this move actually left Goku speechless! He barely uses this attack now, most likely since it would be relatively easy to dodge, but we bet he'd love the chance to nail Future Trunks with it as payback.

6 Death Beam

Frieza's Death Beam is one of the most iconic attacks in all of Dragon Ball Z, along with one of the most spammed techniques in Xenoverse 2This attack has evolved over the years, initially being a one-hit kill. This petite finger beam is capable of piercing bodies and armor, killing Vegeta and lethally wounding Piccolo.

In the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, Frieza used the technique to destroy four Saiyan snipers positioned all around him, and in Resurrection 'F,' this technique was strong enough to obliterate North City. Although it doesn't always create a huge explosion, the Death Beam always seems the get the job done when other attacks won't.

5 Death Cannon

Many have compared Frieza's Death Cannon to Piccolo's Explosive Demon Wave not only in terms of presentation but also in effect. After charging enough energy in one hand, Frieza releases a blast of ki that's strong enough to create a mushroom cloud on impact. He most famously used this attack on Goku during their fight on Earth, with Goku barely able to hold back the attack with his Kamehameha.

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When Frieza used this move during the Tournament of Power, he was able to effortlessly knock out fearsome fighters, including Cabba, Dyspo, and even his own teammate, Gohan.

4 Nova Strike

Frieza's Nove Strike, a technique in which he shrouds himself in his own aura, enabled him to charge right into Super Saiyan Goku's Kamehameha, where the two engaged in a brief clash. What makes this attack so useful is that Frieza can actually change his course in order to catch an opponent off guard. The attack was so powerful that it was able to force Goku deep underground, and after Frieza nailed him with it, everyone even believed Goku to be dead!

While many of Frieza's techniques proved futile against Super Saiyan Goku, this one looked like it did some kind of damage. In Dragon Ball SuperFrieza used his Nova Strike to ensnare Jiren in a grip that even the Universe 11 fighter had some trouble breaking free from, proving that this move hasn't lost its edge over the years.

3 Destroy The Planet!

After Goku's Super Saiyan power proved too much for Frieza's Final Form to handle, the space emperor generated a sphere of malicious red energy between his palms before hurling it at Namek. The attack was so powerful that it drilled deep to the planet's molten core, and although it didn't immediately destroy the planet, it turned Namek into a ticking time bomb.

If Frieza had truly channeled enough energy into this blast, it would be strong enough to destroy even the largest of planets, but due to Frieza's cowardice, he was afraid to place more energy into this attack for fear that he'd be caught in the ensuing explosion.

2 Supernova

Frieza first debuted his Supernova attack to wipe Planet Vegeta completely off the galactic map. On contact with Bardock, his Saiyan armor crumbled away, and we all know how resilient that stuff is.

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Although this move allows Frieza to destroy a planet from afar without the need for a transformation, the time it takes for him to gather this much energy leaves him pretty open. Fortunately for Frieza, the final entry on this list is an effective alternative to this vital shortcoming.

1 Earth Breaker

Used as a last resort during his battle with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Frieza utilized this attack to destroy Earth in a fraction of a second. The attack was strong enough to reduce Earth to an asteroid belt and was even strong enough to send Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta straight to Other World.

Unlike his Supernova attack, Frieza's Earth Breaker is quick and discreet, although it's definitely one of the most dishonorable moves in the entire franchise. The ensuing explosion most likely injured Frieza as well, but given that he can survive in space, this move became the difference between living and dying. Let's just hope that the next time anyone is up against Frieza, they take a hint from Broly and don't even give him the chance to think about pulling something like this.

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