Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay Trailer Reveals Dragon Ball GT Goku's Moves


On May 9, fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ will be able to play the newest addition to the DLC roster: Goku from Dragon Ball GT.

While it was previously announced that Dragon Ball GT's Goku would be added to the roster of the popular competitive fighting game, footage has been officially released showing the newest character in action.

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As the trailer indicates, Goku (GT)'s move set will be based on his abilities in the now non-canon series. His moves include the Dragon Fist attack (Super Saiyan 4), Super Spirit Bomb, Power Pole and Reverse Kamehameha.

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Those less familiar with Dragon Ball GT might be wondering why Goku appears so young, despite Dragon Ball GT taking place after Dragon Ball Z. This is due to a wish made by Emperor Pilaf, which turned Goku into a child. However, Goku returns to his adult form whenever he transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, a form that no longer exists in the post-Dragon Ball Super continuity.

While there are many other forms of Goku in the game already (including fusions), this is the first character from Dragon Ball GT to appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He serves as a reminder that the first sequel to Dragon Ball Z, while not fondly remembered, has not been forgotten either.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for purchase. Goku (GT) is available as part of the Season 2 DLC pass and will be available for download after May 9.

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