Dragon Ball: 10 Amazing Works Of Fan Art That We Love

The Dragon Ball franchise has been around since the 1980's and continues to be a classic and driving force within the shonen anime genre. With an iconic art style by Akira Toriyama and popular characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, Dragon Ball has inspired other manga and anime as well as fans of the series.

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Like all fandoms, Dragon Ball fans like to pay tribute to the anime with artwork of their own called "fan art". Because Dragon Ball is such a huge franchise with worldwide success, its fan art comes in all different styles of art with a variety of moments and characters to feature. Here are ten great works of fan art that are sure to amaze you!

10 The Villains

Perhaps the three most memorable bad guys from Dragon Ball are Frieza, Cell, and Buu. Each villain proved to be a formidable opponent for Goku, Gohan, and the Z-fighters.

Thought Frieza, Cell, and Buu are all from different story arcs, @kokuzi on Tumblr created a piece of fan art in which all three are flying together. With art to match Akira Toriyama's style, the square background, and laughing sound effects, this looks as though the characters are flying straight out of a manga panel. Cell appears confused, Frieza is struggling to escape, but at least Buu is having a good time.

9 Piccolo & Baby

Early on in the original Dragon Ball series, Piccolo was an evil villain and one of Goku's greatest rivals and enemies. Once the newer era of Dragon Ball Z began, however, the green Namekian joined forces with Goku in order to defeat the incoming threats to the world.

Although Piccolo came across as stern and cold, he ended up taking a young Gohan under his wing after Goku died in the battle against Raditz. In that time, fans saw a softer and more fatherly side of Piccolo. To show that side of him again, @katz3nminze on Tumblr drew Piccolo with a tiny child sleeping on his chest. As soon as he hears someone making noise, he jumps into protective mode and hushes them before they wake the baby.

8 The Real Beerus

Beerus might be a terrifying god with the power to destroy planets, but it turns out he's not as bad of a guy as originally thought. Rather than being inherently evil, he has a personality that is both petty and comical at times.

His pettiness is often associated with his cat-like appearance. Instagram artist, @salayanara, took that opportunity to draw Beerus as a real cat that he very much resembles. From the wrinkles to the Egyptian accessories, this fan art is spot-on with how the petty Beerus would look in our world.

7 First Date

One of the most popular couples in the Dragon Ball franchise is, of course, Vegeta and Bulma. Because of the time skip that happened prior to the birth of their son, Trunks, not much is known about how the two decided to start a relationship and family.

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That being said, it's always fun to imagine what their interactions were like during the time skip when they got together. This cute fan art by @toraplu on Instagram and Tumblr features a youthful Bulma and Vegeta going for a ride together on their first date. The layout and addition of the bike give off Dragon Ball tankoban vibes in the best way possible!

6 Goku & Chi-Chi

Another fan favorite couple is Goku and Chi-Chi. Unlike Vegeta and Bulma, Goku and Chi-Chi actually have a history together from when they were young kids. After being saved by Goku, a young Chi-Chi fell in love with the boy who was quite clueless about romance and girls at the time.

Though Chi-Chi's love initially seemed to be one-sided due to Goku's naivety, Goku slowly starts to grasp the concept of love and they eventually get married. In this fan art by @makumaku on Pixiv, the young couple is riding across the sea with a flock of flying pterodactyl-like creatures.

5 Krillins

Everyone's favorite bald boy from the Dragon Ball series has to be Krillin. He's been one of Goku's closest friends, he's got a nice sense of humor, and he's an overall good dude.

Instagram artist, @shm.uh, created a vibrant illustration of eight different Krillains from memorable moments in the series. From his tiny baby-faced days to when he grew out his hair and had a baby of his own, Krillin's many costume changes over the years have relieved us from the same old orange martial arts outfit that many of the Z-fighters tend to sport.

4 Best Of Friends

Buu has many different forms that range from good to evil. The chubby Buu made his entrance into the Dragon Ball universe by going on a killing spree until he befriends Hercule, who teaches him that killing is morally wrong. As a result, Buu does his best to not harm others and even heals a wounded dog, Bee, who becomes part of the trio of friends. It isn't until Good Buu is split from his evil counterpart that he is completely free of all malicious intent.

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One fan, @dfsaracino on Instagram, drew the three friends marching side by side with smiles on their faces. The juxtaposition of how different the characters are from one another proves that friendships can and should overlook differences.

3 Beerus & Supreme Kai

As a god who protects and a god who destroys, Supreme Kai and Beerus are two characters who don't always see eye to eye but are forced to tolerate one another. More specifically, it seems as though Supreme Kai is the one given a hard time by Beerus who enjoys picking on his fellow god.

This adorable piece drawn by @shiroiinu on Tumblr shows a playful Beerus literally messing with Supreme Kai's head. While Beerus's wagging tail indicates that he's having a good time, Supreme Kai just looks like he's over it.

2 The Wedding

Because the details of Vegeta's relationship with Bulma are extremely limited throughout the series, fans have no choice but to draw out not only their first day but also their wedding ceremony.

@itsmandymo on Instagram created a gorgeous wedding scene of the two lovebirds and their closest friends and family watching from the sidelines. It may be a mystery of how Vegeta and Bulma actually came to marry one another, but this scene captures an essence of their love that the anime doesn't really show. In addition, it's not only nice to see all the characters dressed up in fancy attire but also adorable how little Trunks innocently looks up at his parents.

1 Mini Capsules

Bulma's father, Dr. Brief, is the founder of the Capsule Corporations, which specializes in the creation of tiny capsules. These capsules can contain almost anything like vehicles and furnished houses.

As a nod to the Capsule Corp., @pixntoast on Instagram filled two capsules with tiny layouts of Planet Namek and the Kame House. While the Namek capsule contains a green hue with key players like Frieza and even Captain Ginyu as a frog (if you really zoom in), the Kame House capsule contains a laidback island with Master Roshi and friends. Both capsules, however, are filled with good vibes.

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