Dragon Ball: 10 Amazing Saiyan Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime

The Saiyans are the biggest and baddest race in all of Dragon Ball. A battle loving race with a penchant for turning into giant apes, they are a force to be reckoned with in any universe they exist in. Armed with a lust for power, tenacity, and the ability to come back stronger after getting beaten to near death, Goku, Vegeta, and the other remaining Saiyans have proven that there is no height that the race cannot reach.

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Which is precisely why they are so intriguing to the fans of Dragon Ball. Some of them applying their fandom to cosplay so that they can properly recreate each of these great warriors. So let's take a look at 10 amazing Saiyan cosplays that look just like the anime.

10 Nappa by Taichi_Shimizu

Hide your Yamchas. Hide your Tiens. Get rid of your Chaotsus and Piccolos. Nappa is in town. This Saiyan was our first real taste of Saiyan fury as he quickly dispatched most of the Z fighters. Overwhelming them with the sheer power as he picked them off one by one.

Taichi_Shimizu gives us a picture-perfect version of the Saiyan that nearly destroyed all of Dragon Ball's main characters. The resemblance is almost uncanny as he wears a battle-damaged version of the Saiyan's armor. The only way it could be more perfect is if he had a Vegeta cosplayer nearby.

9 Vegeta (and Dead Yamcha) by CartoonLord (and Alex Drastal)

Here is the Vegeta cosplay and he brought a dead Yamcha with him too! This duo of cosplayers took up a whole large section of the show floor at Anime Expo 2019 and they deserved every inch of it. Gathering quite the crowd as the Vegeta cosplayer postured over the dead Z fighter.

It is one thing to bring a character to life with cosplay but it is a completely different feat to make a believable scene with them too. While Vegeta never got the chance to stand mockingly over Yamcha's dead body, we are sure he would have jumped at the opportunity if given the chance. CartoonLord and Alex Drastal bringing the hypothetical scene to life right before our eyes.

8 Dragon Ball Super Broly by Alex Drastal

It may be hard to notice but the cosplayer in this picture is also the Yamcha in the previous post. This isn't the first time Alex Drastal has made it onto one of our lists for his amazing interpretation of Dragon Ball Super's Broly but he is definitely worth a second look.

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From top to bottom he is almost indistinguishable from the actual character. As if the mighty Saiyan from the movie managed to tip through the confines of reality to make it into the real world. That wild look in his eyes only selling the character even more.

7 Great Saiyaman by Nothern.paladin.cos

Gohan had an odd time through adolescence and puberty. If it isn't for the fact that he is finally attending an actual school with other students while trying not to expose his powers, there was also the fact that he tried to moonlight as a superhero too. Though, love him or hate him, Great Saiyaman is very much of part of Gohan's character.

Accused of looking dorky, accused of looking dumb, Gohan never had much luck with his superhero persona of Great Saiyaman. Nothern.paladin.cos, on the other hand, seems to knock it right out of the park. He explains in a Reddit post that making the helmet was a huge learning curve but we think it was well worth the time and effort if it came out looking this good.

6 Super Saiyan 4 Goku by Justin Do Couto

Like the Great Saiyaman above, Dragon Ball GT had a lukewarm reception at best. Still, for being regarded as one of the worst additions to the franchise, it did have some fun moments. One of which was watching Goku achieve the fabled Super Saiyan 4 transformation while fighting Baby Vegeta.

Taking a different approach than all previous forms of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4 is more a Great Ape transformation than Super Saiyan transformation. It turns their bodies in something closer to an ape and while also getting rid of the blond hair. Here Justin Do Couto shows off that form at a convention.

5 Raditz by Glay

Holy hairspray, Vegeta! What is the power level on that cosplayer's hairspray brand! It always surprises me how well some cosplayers can mold a wig to reflect the absurdity of anime hair. It may take the sacrifice of many hours and many cans of hairspray, but the result always seems to be amazing.

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So, Kudos to Glay for getting it just right. The hair as spot-on as the costume for the Saiyan that ushered in the Dragon Ball Z era of the franchise. Better yet, they didn't forget to make the tail that wraps itself around Raditz's waist. Attention to detail is always important!

4 Super Saiyan Vegeta by Unknown

This cosplayer took the term "just like the anime" seriously. The young man coloring his body to properly reflect the shading and tones used in the anime to reflect Vegeta's figure. Each muscle expertly highlighted to bring the Saiyan Prince from 2D to 3D in this awesome cosplay.

It is a shame that this cosplayer doesn't have any information about who they are. So if anyone can bring us the name behind this cosplay, please contact us here. We would be more than happy to give credit where credit is due.

3 King Vegeta by Drapple-Cosplay

If there is a Prince of all Saiyans then there has to be a King of all Saiyans too. Usually relegated to flashback sequences throughout Dragon Ball Z, not too much is known about King Vegeta other than he seemed to be as ruthless as the rest of his race. Unfortunately, he was killed off far before he could have any current relevance to the show besides exiling Broly and giving Vegeta another reason to hate Frieza.

Relevant or not, that doesn't stop some cosplayers from dressing up as obscure characters. Drapple-Cosplay letting King Vegeta enjoy a bit of leisure. It seems like even tyrants enjoy some time off.

2 Caulifla and Kale by Bunny Ayumi and Swimsuit Succubus

If there is one thing that Dragon Ball Super did for the franchise is that it expanded the world like never before. Not only did it include new alien species and characters for the story to play with but also includes whole new universes to challenge our Earth warriors. Among those challenges, the Saiyan of Universe 7 were some of the most intriguing.

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Giving us our only relevant example of female Saiyans in the series, Caulifla and Kale seemed to steal the show whenever they fought. So it is no doubt that the cosplayers would garner attention of their very own. Bunny Ayumi (as Caulifla) and Swimsuit Succubus (as Kale) stealing the show at KamehaCon. (Be careful with those links, NSFW pictures ahead.)

1 Super Saiyan Blue Goku by GokuFlex

This is not the first attempt at cosplaying Goku for GokuFlex. His Ultra Instinct version of the wayward Saiyan made its way onto another one of our lists for his version of Ultra Instinct Goku. If there is anything to gained from this, is that GokuFlex is one of the best Goku cosplayers out there.

And for good reason. The cosplayer seems to adore the character in all of his incarnations. One of his new year resolutions being to look more like Goku. Considering how well he matches his figure so far, GokuFlex is doing an excellent job.

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