Dragon Ball: 10 Crazy Vegeta Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed

Vegeta has been one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball franchise since his introduction in the Saiyan Saga many years ago. He is always Goku's biggest rival, constantly pushing himself to new limits to display his might as the prince of all Saiyans. He may not be the protagonist of the show, but he inspires just as much if not more discussion among the fan base as his Saiyan rival. Why is Goku constantly one-upping him? Does Toriyama hate the troll doll hair prince?

The following are some of the craziest fan theories about Vegeta. Let's dig in.

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10 He Can Skip Power Up Stages

It seems that Vegeta is always playing catch up to the new stages of Super Saiyan that Goku reaches. However, when Vegeta does reach these new heights he always seemed to jump to the new level right away. For Goku, he almost always seems to be gradually jumping to increase his power during a fight.

This lead people to start theorizing that to reach new heights the Saiyans do not need to power up in order. Vegeta has shown countless times he likes to jump to his new state to display his power rather than test out the opponents strength like Goku.

9 Toriyama Does Not Like Vegeta

Vegeta has always been one of the most interesting Dragon Ball characters. He started out as a bad guy, eventually joined Goku and the others, and is always aiming to show he is the best. However, Vegeta never seems to get his time in the spotlight. He always seems to have the big fight won until something happens that leads to Goku or someone else saving the day.

Akira Toriyama could not really be letting Vegeta down out of a personal vendetta could he? Well, it turns out that he is. In an interview, he said, “Out of all the enemies, Piccolo Daimaō is the one I like most, and even after that I like Piccolo the most. I like Piccolo about the same as I like Goku. With Vegeta, well, I don’t like him all that much, but he was extremely helpful to have around.”

He likes to use Vegeta as a tool to make Goku stronger. That is why Vegeta never has his moment.

8 Adult Saiyan's Tails Do Not Regrow

Saiyans are well known for their monkey tails they have. Goku's was a defining trait in the original Dragon Ball days. After being cut a couple times it did grow back and Gohan's grew back a couple times after being removed when he was a kid as well. Vegeta sported a tail when he was introduced as well, but since it was cut off, has not grown back. Do adult Saiyans not regrow tails?

Akira Toriyama has confirmed that the Saiyan tails do not regrow after a certain amount of time, but the reason for this might be a little more interesting than you think. Toriyama has had a history of completely forgetting parts of his beloved franchise that has been running since the 1980's. With the introduction of Kid Trunks and Goten, they were never shown to have a tail. That is because Toriyama has completely forgotten about them and wrote it off as they were removed and adult Saiyan tails do not regrow.

7 The Reason There Was No Super Saiyan For So Long


Throughout the shows time on Namek, Vegeta is constantly talking about how he is the first Super Saiyan in a thousand years. At this point in time, the Super Saiyan was not seen in a very long time and was considered a myth. With so many Saiyans now being able to reach the power up, why did it lay dormant for so long?

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One fan theory states that the Saiyan race did not have the emotional fuel to go Super Saiyan before. They are a warrior race that only care about being the strongest. Vegeta had no reason to go Super Saiyan because up to that point, no one had hurt his pride the way Goku had by going Super Saiyan.

6 Vegeta Can Learn Abilities Fast Like Goku

Goku is well known for his ability to learn techniques after seeing the move just once. This turns out to be a trait in all Saiyans, not just him. While Vegeta has way too much pride to use the Kamehameha or attempt Instant Transmission, all he needed to do was observe Goku and his friends sensing energy levels to be able to do so while on Namek.

Up until that point, everyone around him had only used scouters so he had no one to watch sense power.

5 Vegeta Is The Result Of Bulma's Original Wish

Back in the series beginning, Bulma was searching for the Dragon Balls to wish for a boyfriend. During her time in those shows, she never accomplished the task, but some fans began theorizing about the events between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. A lot of time passed in between the two shows so you would think that if she really desired it, she could go find the Dragon Balls.

The theory says that while she started dating Yamcha, he was just a momentarily filler until her true love Vegeta would show up down the line. There are some holes here and it has not been said whether this is true or not, but it could be a good explanation of just how the two really fell for each other.

4 He Can Reach Super Saiyan God

To reach the Super Saiyan God form and fight Beerus, Goku needed the help of five other Saiyans. Eventually the form timed out for him and it was thought we might not see the form again for some time. Vegeta never received this ritual, but Goku promised that he would get it next time.

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Fast forward to Frieza returning in Resurrection F, and both Goku and Vegeta has the new Super Saiyan Blue forms to show off. This form was obtained by a Super Saiyan God going Super Saiyan, so Vegeta has to have been able to reach the god form, right? Even in the tournament of power, Goku was able to go back into the red god form without the ritual. We did not receive our confirmation until the fight with Broly when Vegeta showed off that he too can access deity power.

3 Half-Blooded Saiyans Are More Powerful


Throughout Gohan's infancy up until his fight with Cell, flashes of his potential were always shown evident. As a kid, he head-butted Raditz and knocked him back in a fight where Goku could barely touch him. This kind of events lead to fans speculating that half-blooded Saiyans are more powerful than the full-blooded ones.

This was confirmed with Gohan's fight against Cell, but that is not all. It would seem that half-blooded Saiyans can also reach Super Saiyan much easier than Goku and Vegeta because of their human genes. The S-Cell count that a Saiyan needs to go Super Saiyan can be easier tapped into because of the emotional capabilities of humans. Trunks and Goten reached the forms at very young ages and with much less obstacles when compared to Vegeta.

2 Super Saiyan Is Not Reached Because Of Emotions

For a large majority of the iconic first Super Saiyan transformations, there are a lot of angry emotions that were thought to be the cause of the power-up. In Vegeta's case, he is pushed to turn Super Saiyan for the first time when coming to terms with the fact that Goku beat him to the state.

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However, before the Tournament of Power, Universe 6's Saiyan Cabba teaches Kaulifla and Cale to focus their energy at a point in their body, noticeably a tingling sensation in the back and then letting it explode. It worked, confirming that Saiyans do not need to be angry to go Super Saiyan.

1 Why Goku Is Always Ahead Of Him

As mentioned above, Toriyama prefers Goku to Vegeta and uses the latter as a means to make the former stronger. In the world though, fans needed a better reason for just how can the prince of all Saiyans be outdone by someone who on Planet Vegeta would have been regarded as a commoner.

Whis reveals the real reason during the two Saiyans training. Both of them think too much when they are fighting, especially Vegeta. He walks around with a chip on his shoulder, and his nerves are wound too tight. He is always too worried about his pride and whether or not he is the best. This is why Goku is able to reach Ultra Instinct while Vegeta cannot and why Goku is always able to outdo the Prince of all Saiyans.

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