"Dracula Wars" fight hunger in Dallas, TX

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Moviegoers who bring a canned good get a discount at the October 31 and November 1 midnight retrospective screening of The Hunger at the Inwood Theatre in Dallas.

The event, hosted by Jason Henderson, creator of the military horror comic Sword of Dracula, will showcase the cult favorite 1983 vampire film. Henderson is promoting the new miniseries Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War, which debuts in December.

“The Hunger is a key movie for modern vampire fans because it’s not a period piece—it was brazenly modern,” says Henderson, whose comic is also set in the present day. “It’s scary, erotic, and dark-- and brought us ‘Bela Lugosi is Dead’ as a hit.” In the movie, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve play vampires who pray on an arty crowd of clubgoers and musicians. “We’ll also be showing vampire trailers and a new trailer for the Dracula War.”

The event is the second Halloween celebration hosted by the Sword of Dracula comics team and also serves to fight hunger. "We've always linked promoting comics to doing something for a community,” says Henderson. “So this should be a community event—come in costume, come ready to make noise, and if you bring a canned good, you get in at a discount price."

The Inwood Theatre is located at 5458 West Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209. Showtime recording phone (214)764-9106.

Sword of Dracula information, trailers and more are at http://swordofdracula.com .

Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War #1 arrives in December from Digital Webbing Press, publisher of Bloodrayne. The book is written by Jason Henderson with art by Greg Scott. The first 156-page SWORD OF DRACULA trade paperback is available from IDW Publishing and can be found at comic stores-or by visiting http://www.swordofdracula.com , where you can find SWORD OF DRACULA memorabilia, forums and gossip. Publisher Digital Webbing is at http://www.digitalwebbing.com .

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