Official Press ReleaseDracula vs. King Arthur, the critically acclaimed hit graphic novel published by Silent Devil, will now be adapted into a role playing game entitled VAMPIRES vs. KNIGHTS by screenwriter/author Tony DiGerolamo.

Vampires vs. Knights is a d20 role-playing supplement that uses the Dungeons and Dragons system. D&D players will thrill to the campaign set in Arthur's Camelot and specialized weaponry to combat the vampire menace. Other players can actually take up the mantle of a vampire knight and try and extinguish the hope of humanity forever!

DiGerolamo is an old school gamer that has written game material for Kenzer & Company, Goodman Games, West End Games and the Le Games. He also designed his own RPG, Complete Mafia for d20.

"Adam Beranek, one of the co-creators of DvKA, and I are thrilled Tony agreed to write the game based on our concept," says screenwriter/graphic novelist Christian Beranek. "Fans will be able to create their own characters and adventures -- there are going to be many awesome battles between knights and vampires for years to come."

Christian Beranek wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Dracula vs. King Arthur movie. Recently he penned the origin of John Doe for the New Line Cinema/Zenescope series Se7en and launched the graphic novel concept Willow Creek. He will be attending the Emerald City Comicon this coming weekend as a guest.

Vampires vs. Knights will be in stores Spring 2009. Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo will personally demo the game a select conventions.

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