"Dracula vs. King Arthur" featured on National Geographic Channel

Official Press Release

Silent Devil's Dracula vs. King Arthur, the graphic novel created by Adam Beranek, Christian Beranek and Chris Moreno, has been featured as part of the Is It Real: King Arthur special for National Geographic


According to NGC: "The legend of King Arthur has been passed down for generations; continually celebrated in books, theater, film, television and even video games. But is the story really true? Now, NGC sifts through the theories to determine fact from fantasy. Retrace the archaeological clues of King Arthur from his alleged birthplace to the supposed site of Camelot; meet a self-proclaimed reincarnation of King Arthur; and compare the leading theories of historians and literary scholars."

The special airs next on Sunday, May 13th at 6pm EST.

"It's a thrill to be associated with NGC," says DVKA co-creator Christian Beranek. "I grew up with the magazine and to have our book included with this program is an honor."

The Dracula vs. King Arthur graphic novel is set for release this June. Retailers and fans may use Diamond Code APR073940 when placing their orders.

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