Dr. Stone: The Strongest Of Science Kingdom, Ranked

One of the most popular anime this season is a little show called Dr. Stone. And by little, we mean its huge! Dr. Stone is doing amazingly well so far, and that's because it's just so much fun. Most "Shonen" series focus solely on fighting a la power-ups, but Dr. Stone is all about science, education, and slowly building towards a goal.

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That's why it's a bit hard to define strength when it comes to the members of the Senku's Science kingdom. Sure there are some who are physically strong, but they'll still lose against someone who can outsmart them. Our list is basically who we think is the absolute best in this rag-tag group of misfits both physically and mentally.

10 Ginro

Just barely making the list at all is Ginro, the cowardly little brother of Kinro. The gold and silver spearmen are always seen together as guards for Ishigami village. But, when it comes to their honor, strength, and pride as warriors, Ginro has a lot to learn.

Basically, Kinro is one of the strongest in combat, at least in the village, while Ginro is one of the worst. Kinro is dedicated, Ginro is conniving. Sure he's a great comedic relief, but if we're judging his character, Ginro is dead last.

9 Suika

Next, we have Suika, the adorable little sister of the group. Suika is one of the young children in Ishigami village and for some reason, keeps a melon on her head at all times.

Now, there is a good reason for that, but it'll most likely be covered in the anime within the next episode or two, so we won't spoil it. But, Suika is really useful! She's great at stealth since she has a permanent disguise, she gets along with everyone, and she just an overall sweetheart. But she's still a kid, so she can't go any farther than this on the list.

8 Yuzuriha

And of course, like any Shonen series, there have to be two people who like each other but just won't admit it. Yuzuriha and Taiju are those two, and it's one of the only truly frustrating parts of the series. But, still, if this were an RPG, Taiju would represent Endurance, Senku would be Intelligence, Tsukasa would be Strength, and Yuzuriha would be Dexterity.

It's true that she doesn't get nearly as many chances to show this off as Senku or the others, but Yuzuriha really is insanely good with fine detail work. And don't worry, she does absolutely show her skills off later on in the manga.

7 Gen Asagiri

One could argue that Gen Asagiri fits literally anywhere on this list. We could've put him at the top, or in dead last, he's just that polarizing. And that's usually how it works with mentalist characters because it's so dependant on the situation at hand. But, to go back to the stat analogy, Gen would 10 billion percent represent charisma.

The guy can talk his way out of any situation and can play even the most seasoned of con men. Gen is terrifying, but not at all in a physical sense, which is why he only gets this far.

6 Chrome

Finally, we've arrived at one of the actual "scientists" of the Science kingdom, Chrome. Chrome is honestly one of the best characters in Dr. Stone and is the founder of stone-age science. Basically, his curious mind and drive to cure Ruri's "curse" led him to collect a bunch of useful and rare scientific materials.

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But, if we're ranking him on his strength, there's not much there. Still, he's been raised in a stone-age world, so his stamina and muscles are obviously way above that of a normal human. But, when compared to the village's warriors, he's not worth a second glance.

5 Kaseki: The Buffest Old-Man We've Ever Seen

Kaseki is about to be persuaded to join in the anime. Sure, that's a bit of a spoiler, but believe us when we say it's no big deal. Kaseki is awesome! He's teensy, incredibly built, and a master craftsman. Basically, if Senku imagines something, Kaseki's the one to make it come to life.

He's also a great unaware substitute for Yuzuriha while they infiltrate Tsukasa's empire, but just imagine what it'll be like when both of them work for Senku? At the end of the day, Kaseki is strong and smart, but he's old, so his fighting potential is a bit low. Still, he's a kindhearted soul and very adaptable for someone in their later years, which is why we adore him.

4 Senku: A Body Made Of Glass But A Brain Of Pure Tungsten

Senku's not first?! This list is a sham! Wait, wait, hold on just one second. Senku is a terrifying enemy to have and an absolute super-genius, but he needs time and manpower. That's just a fact. It's why it took him a year to build shelter, and it's also why he has to convince the rest of Ishigami to join in the first place.

So, no matter what ideas he comes up with, Senku can't beat someone who can attack in the moment. That makes him by default weaker than most of the higher-level warriors in Dr. Stone. It's a shame, sure, but it's realistic.

3 Kinro: The Golden Warrior With A Fondness For Rules

And here at the opposite end of the list is Kinro. Kinro is a fearsome warrior, a dedicated tribesman, and a real sweet brother. He only really has one glaring weakness, and it'll be pointed out pretty soon. But, the weakest part about Kinro in general, is that he's a bit of a boring character.

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In terms of pure personality, Ginro obviously comes out on top. So, sure, Kinro is near the pinnacle of fighting strength, but everything else is really just average. Meanwhile, characters like Taiju, Kohaku, even Magna, have more to them personality-wise, while also being strength-heavy monsters.

2 Taiju: Might Just Be Earth's Answer For Infinite Energy

Finally, we have the third member of Senku's pre-Stone Age group, Taiju. Taiju and Senku are fate-bound friends who trust each other with their lives. Taiju has put himself in harm's way for Senku more times than we can count, and Senku has saved Taiju's rear end even more.

Frankly, Taiju is the most baffling person in Dr. Stone. Sure, Senku is impossibly smart, and Tsukasa has his godlike strength, but Taiju's durability and stamina are frankly reality-bending. Plus, he's great at reacting to gut feelings and simple orders, making him the best sort of tool for someone like Senku.

1 Kohaku: The Lioness Who Is More Like A Gorilla

Here we are, at the peak of the Dr. Stone rankings, and it's exactly who we thought it was going to be. Kohaku is the fearsome lioness of Ishigami Village with a heart of gold. She attacks Tsukasa simply because she thought he had killed some random stranger (Senku), she brings Senku back to the village just because he saved her, and she puts up with everything all in the hope of saving her Sister.

Kohaku is well-trained, has ape-like strength, is open to change and learning, is empathetic, and is trusted by those around her. All this combined makes it obvious why she'd be at the top of this list and the clear right-hand woman for Senku's Science Kingdom.

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