Dr. Stone: Senku's 10 Best Contraptions and Creations So Far

Crunchyroll's hit new anime Dr. Stone shows a new Stone Age 3,700 years in the future after a mysterious energy wave turned nearly all of humanity to stone. All of mankind's buildings and creations crumbled in the millennia since, but a certain high schooler named Senku isn't giving up on restoring civilization.

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This brilliant high schooler is a master of science, and he knows all the right chemical formulas and blueprints to invent (or re-invent) just about anything. A few of his creations are his own ideas, and others are ancient techology that he's bringing back to life. Here are Senku's 10 best creations and inventions so far.

10 The stone-melting solution

This solution involves nitric acid, among other ingredients, and it's the key to Senku's plan to restore humanity.

Everyone is petrified in stone, and it won't do to just chip off the stone with a hammer and chisel. Senku broke free on his own, as did Taiju, but the rest of humanity didn't follow. Now, Senku and his friend have devised a formula to free everyone else from the stone, too. A test run on a petrified swallow proved to these gleeful boys that hope was still alive!

9 Clothing

It's easy to take clothing for granted today since the global textiles industry is so huge. The average person may have a few dozen outfits in their closet, but if you wake up in a new Stone Age, say goodbye to those jeans or skirts.

Human beings don't have scales or fur to protect themselves, so clothes go a long way in keeping a person warm, preventing sunburn, and keeping claws and poison ivy off your skin. Clothes make the man, as they say, and surviving the new Stone Age means dressing up.

8 A lab building

The Stone Age tribesmen have their own village with rounded buildings, but Senku didn't need their help to construct his own free-standing laboratory.

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With his own two hands, Senku gathered some lumber and cut it into boards to make a building, complete with a thatched roof and shelves inside for all his science goodies. It also makes for a fine shelter, and shelter certainly ranks high among basic survival needs.

7 Pottery

Soon after the Agricultural Revolution millennia ago, humanity started cultivating grains and fruits, and they would have more than they could eat at a time. So, pottery could store leftover food, and this helped pave the way for modern civilization, step by step.

Of course, pottery can also store all kinds of other things for easy transport, such as powders and liquids for a few science experiments. Resist your inner Link and don't smash those pots. They're important.

6 Glass Jars

That's right, even clay pots soon don't cut it. While pots have their use, Senku needs a different kind of vessel for his more advanced science experiments. So, he gathers up all the ingredients (with some help) and builds a forge to make raw glass.

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But he and his friends aren't really glass makers, so Senku allows a seasoned craftsman to make them just right. To be fair, the old man did the work, but it was Senku's recipe that made glass possible. Now he can make jars, windows, and more.

5 A Power generator

It's true that Senku is working in a Paleolithic world, but his advantage is that he already knows the many inventions of humanity's past. This greatly speeds up the process of creating new technology, and all he needs are the right tools and materials to launch a project.

Senku's collection of inventions represents many centuries all together, from clothing to glass to... electricity! Senku lights up the night, and it's all thanks to a hand-cranked generator that makes use of a magnetic rod and rotational energy.

4 Glass lenses

Yes, it's been established that Senku invented glass. But making glass jars, and making eyeglasses and lenses, are two different things. No one needs a prescription to make glass jars, but the little girl named Suika has poor eyesight.

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She uses very primitive glasses by looking through holes in her watermelon helmet, but Senku can up the ante. By giving Suika sample lenses and refining them based on her feedback, Senkyu becomes a one-man eyeglasses shop. He creates a prescription set of lenses that let Suika see in fantastic detail for the first time.

3 Black powder

This is another of Senku's early inventions, and he makes use of a nearby volcano to create it. In history, gunpowder was innovated in China, and it made fireworks possible. Later, firearms became a reality in the 1300s or so, and such powder is also quite useful for explosives.

Explosives allow for carving tunnels or mining, and Senku has harnessed that power, too. His controlled explosions alert Kohaku to his presence, and that helped them meet. How else might black powder help in the future?

2 A ramen cart

At first, this seems pretty trivial compared to making shelter and creating pots or glass. But still, inventing a ramen cart shows that Senku can create wheeled vehicles, which is saying a lot.

There's not much evidence so far that the new Stone Age natives make carts or the wheels, but with Senku's invention, this technology is definitely available now. And besides, as society grows, why not add a few creature comforts? Senku delights the villagers with his ramen, and he could very well start a business with it someday.

1 Block and tackle

Senku didn't necessarily have this on his list of priorities at first, but a block and tackle system can sure help out. Pulleys are among the "simple machines," and they can do a lot of good.

Simple machines are designed to make work easier by hand, and pulleys allow a person with limited strength to lift a great load very slowly but surely. So, Senku rigs up a system like this to free Kohaku from a fallen tree, and she owed him her thanks. And with a system like this, other heavy-lifting jobs in the future are bound to be much easier.

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