Dr. Stone: Senku’s Kingdom of Science Levels Up With a Chemistry Lab

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 11 of Dr. Stone, "The Clear World."

Senku's push to dazzle his Kingdom of Science recruits -- and potential converts -- continues in Dr. Stone's latest episode. Not content with crossing off soap, the lightbulb and some questionably flavored ramen off of his inventions list, he sets his sight on the next vital step towards synthesizing a cure-all drug to heal Ruri's illness: glass. "Glass is the foundation of chemistry," the scientist informs his devotees, Chrome, Kohaku and Suika. Clay pots just won't cut it anymore.

Before he can begin crafting beakers and other containers for his chemical experiments, though, Senku decides to upgrade one of his loyal assistants. Poor Suika has been using a hollowed-out melon to make up for her poor eyesight, which (slightly) works thanks to the pinhole effect: when light is narrowed, things are brought more into focus. The villagers call bad vision the "fuzzy sickness," which Kinro -- who is hard at work training for the Grand Bout to save Ruri from being married off the brute, Magma -- seems to also suffer from.

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In order to make some lenses for Suika, the group source quartz sand, grind it down, smelt it and add lead. Next, the glass disks are polished to match Suika's optical specifications. Looking through them at a field of sunflowers with crystal clear vision for the first time, the young girl is overcome with emotion. The stone-hearted Senku's biggest takeaway, however, is merely that her efficiency has been optimized.

The group then gets to work trying to blow glass... and fail miserably at it. Chrome realizes they're missing one final ingredient: a master craftsman, and Ishigami village just so happens to have one in the form of an elderly resident called Kaseki. Chrome has to kidnap the grumpy old man in order to bring him to Senku's camp, where he proclaims that he wants nothing to do with their "shady sorcery." However, as soon as he sees Chrome and Senku deliberately attempt some more terrible glass-blowing in front of him, his interest is peaked.

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Spotting their errors, Kaseki busts free of his bonds to reveal an unusually buff physique for a man of his age (an anime staple) and immediately gets to work, mastering the brand new technique straight away. Despite having never even heard glass before, Kaseki's years of fashioning shields and pots with the most rudimentary of tools appear to have turned him into a natural at any craft he puts his hands to.

With the addition of his chemistry lab -- complete with shelves full of glass beakers after Kaseki is done -- Senku boasts that his Kingdom of Science is looking better than ever, enough to hopefully rival Tsukasa's Empire.

New episodes of Dr. Stone air every Saturday night as part of Adult Swim's Toonami block, and are available on Crunchyroll.

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