Dr. Stone: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Dr. Stone is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction anime that was released during the summer 2019 anime season. The series has been very popular for anime fans and has sparked a plethora of memes. This list looks at some of the hilarious memes taken from context in the show. Dr. Stone is currently still airing alongside this fall 2019 season.

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The anime follows Senkuu, a genius with a plan to restore the world from its post-apocalyptic state. The story takes place in the future after an epidemic turned the world to stone. Able to wake himself up, Senkuu wants to restart civilization through the power of science. However, this task is much too large for one person alone as he will need help along the way.

10 Dr. Stone: Starting Life in Another World

Kicking off the list with a slight spoiler, Senkuu ends up dying during the fourth episode, but if you're reading this list you've probably been watching the series.

However, he plans on dying because he has secretly kept part of his neck petrified in stone. Upon rejuvenation of his neck, Senkuu is revived and ready to go. The genius planned this all along, but what would have happened if Senkuu was sent to another world…

9 Tsukasa = Thanos

Thanos is unarguably the strongest supervillain in the Marvel Universe of recent memory. Much like him, Tsukasa possesses similar traits. Tsukasa wants to restart the world alongside Senkuu but doesn’t want adults to exist. This causes him to act on his own accord breaking statues of adults so they can never be revived by Senkuu.

Tsukasa is the strongest human in the anime so far and even wrestles a lion. He simply just doesn’t want to be told what to do anymore and thinks that killing adults is the best way to solve his issue.

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8 Senkuu, a Harvard Graduate

You might learn something watching Dr. Stone. The science shown in the anime is for the most part accurate. Given a few twists to make the anime exciting, Senkuu’s inventions have either all been created in history or have the science to back them up.

There is a disclaimer during the series that warns viewers to no try any of these inventions at home. Harvard University students can only dream of learning as much as Dr. Stone teaches us. Who needs reading a Dictionary sized textbook when you can simply watch anime?

7 Dr. Stone x Minecraft

The beginning episodes of Dr. Stone remind gamers of one of the most popular games out there, Minecraft. The early episodes of Dr. Stone feature Senkuu running around to gain materials while Taiju Ooki wakes up. Senkuu had been awake for months prior to Taiju and he crafted his way into creating a science camp.

As the series continues Senkuu’s crafting only gets better. The way Senkuu crafts materials searches for resources and lives in a world not yet civilized drawing a lot of parallels to Minecraft. Too bad he’s not in creative mode.

6 Senkuu’s Best Girl

In the Dr. Stone anime, we’ve met a few characters competing for best girl. There’s Yuzuriha Ogawa, but she seems more interested in Taiju. Kohaku seems to have an interest in Senkuu, but she’s more focused on her sick older sister, Ruri. There’s also Ace Detective Suika, but she’s much too young.

The best girl for Senkuu isn’t the prettiest, nor does she have the best personality. The best girl for Senkuu is who he can get the best resources out of. A girl who can contribute to the power of science.

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5 Big Brain Science

Like in the Harvard University meme, lots can be learned from Dr. Stone. The inventions Senkuu creates are genius, but what about the less fancy creations?

This meme compares watching Dr. Stone, to working at NASA, watching Rick and Morty, and watching Minecraft Redstone YouTube tutorials. Clearly anime is the all-powerful medium for learning information, so Dr. Stone takes the cake.

4 Precious Suika

When Suika’s face is finally revealed, she is a young girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. However, she thinks she suffers from a blurry disease, causing her face to shrivel up when she squints. Senkuu realizes that this blurry disease doesn’t exist and that Suika is just nearsighted.

Senkuu crafts glasses for her to help with the near nearsightedness and Suika’s face returns to her adorable self. The meme originally comes from police show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This time it’s Senkuu and Suika instead of Rosa and her puppy.

3 Senkuu and the Crew, Watching Dr. Stone

A spin on the popular “Me and the Boys” meme, this must be how the other characters of Dr. Stone feel when they watch Senkuu work his magic. Senkuu seems to forget where he is sometimes because he goes off on tangents about the science behind whatever he’s creating.

He’s explaining what he’s doing for us viewers watching, but it also feels like the other characters are watching the anime too. With the introduction of Chrome, Senkuu’s prodigy, it’s been very entertaining watching Senkuu finally having someone to converse with.

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2 Kohaku x Gorilla

Kohaku is a warrior with a quest to save her ill sister. She’s a determined strong female character that teams up with Senkuu after being saved by him from Tsukasa. She’s amazed by the power of science and takes Senkuu to her village.

Chrome and Senkuu often joke with her because she is so strong that she resembles a gorilla. The meme comes from the T.V. show, when Pam asks Creed to spot the difference of two images that are the same.

1 1… 2… 116,427,065,530...

We know by now just how big Senkuu’s brain is, but Senkuu’s ability to remain focused is unparalleled. While encased in stone, Senkuu counts for two reasons. To keep his mind active and to see how much time has elapsed since the world turned to stone.

Due to Senkuu being able to think while in stasis, he is ultimately able to break himself out. Perhaps he learned from The Count, but I don’t ever recall The Count counting to 116,427,065,530.

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