10 Best Inventions In Dr. Stone, Ranked

The Summer 2019 season of anime has just begun and with it comes a few long-awaited shows. And the one that has the biggest chance for success this season is without a doubt the adaptation of the manga Dr. Stone. So heads up we will be discussing future events from Dr. Stone, but obviously, we won't be dropping any huge spoilers. This "Shonen" series is all about a hyper-intelligent science-dork named Senku trying to bring the human race back from the stone age. It's also all about teaching its viewers about science and tech while still being an entertaining dramatic and comedic program. Each episode follows Senku and crew as they attempt to re-invent modern tech in a world overrun by nature. But, which among the long list of things Senku re-invents are the most important? Well, hopefully, this list will confirm ten billion percent which made the biggest impacts or led to even more awe-inspiring creations.

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10 Currency: Can't Have Civilization Without Money

Oddly enough, the bottom of this list in terms of importance is actually the creation of currency! In a modern world, a form of money is the most sought after and precious resource, but that is only in a society bound by rules/laws. In Dr. Stone, Senku's group constantly bulldozes forward in the pursuit of discovery and invention. This means that resources are given when they're needed, food isn't bought, and housing is free. But, that can only last for so long, as a group becomes a town, and continues to grow larger, currency is necessary. So it's implementation in Dr. Stone is absolutely crucial.

9 Building Roads: Do As The Romans Do

Most people would think that the invention of cement would be a titanically important achievement. But, remember, Senku started alone, and in the manga leads a group the size of a small town at most. Rome's long-lasting success was in part due to their roads, but that's mostly because Rome was a large nation.

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Senku realizes roads still have a use in this stone age but that they won't have much more importance past that for quite a while. At least not until Senku figures out how to mass-produce cars or something.

8 Lenses: Something Scientists And People Both Need

The invention of glass is surprisingly tantamount for scientists. Without glass, there aren't beakers, magnifying lenses, or a variety of other scientific tools. So of course, glass was near the top of Senku's invention list. But, after becoming a part of Ishigami Village, Senku finds out that some of his new friends have blurry vision! This vision is regarded as an incurable disease to the archaic villages, but of course, Senku knows the cure. And, like a true scientist, Senku uses this discovery to help in plenty of future inventions.

7 Food Seasoning: Makes Ancient Cooking Way More Edible

We as a society sort of forget that food seasoning is a scientific novelty. Without basic minerals like salt and pepper, our food would taste oh so much worse. Now think about having to cook a raw bird over a campfire? Prehistoric cooking is much, much more gamey in terms of taste. That's why Senku is able to provide so much happiness to others with just a pinch of salt. Especially to the people of Ishigami Village, who've lived their entire lives eating barbaric cooking. Senku's low-level seasoning must have looked like some sort of deliciously amazing magic.

6 Lime: Three..No, Four Incredible Uses

One of the best comedic moments in the debut episode of Dr. Stone was when Senku gave Taiju a bit of a "rough" shave with the shells. But, it turns out these same shells are quite the crucial material on their own. Because, once they've been ground up, these shells become Calcium Carbonate, which is crucial in making Lime.

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And as Senku said, Lime is incredibly important in a vast number of ways such as agriculture and building. But, the biggest invention that comes from Lime is soap, the cleaning agent that will ten billion percent keep Senku and his friends alive in this bacteria-infested prehistoric age.

5 Machine Power: The First Pillar Of Modern Society

The wheel. The most commonly depicted "technology" that changed the game in pre-historic times. And honestly? For good reason. The wheel leads to so many other amazing pieces of technology like waterwheels, gears, tires, pulleys and more. But with Dr. Stone, it all started with a waterwheel that became the first example anyone in Ishigami village would see of machine power. This one waterwheel lets Senku generate electricity, which couldn't be a bigger trump card in an age of stone tools and rocks. And even more so, it was truly helpful in helping Senku gain Ishigami's trust.

4 The "Iron Gorilla": A True Beast On Wheels

And along that same line of machine power comes the automobile. A machine entirely based around gears and wheels. But, this isn't an ordinary car, this is a prehistoric beast. And what better name to describe a beast than the "Iron Gorilla?" Truly it's Senku's crowning achievement in the Tsukasa arc as this rampaging vehicle is almost unstoppable. It can carry multiple passengers, tons of cargo, and can bulldoze through most pre-historic obstacles. Basically, it's both an incredibly helpful tool, and a devastating weapon in this early age of invention.

3 Hot Air Balloons: Man Can Explore The Skies Once More

It goes without saying that the only travel-based invention that could beat traveling the land at high speeds, is something that could travel the skies. And, it's still just a bit too early for Senku to invent something as preposterous as the airplane (at least we think so), so that just leaves hot air balloons! Not only is this an insanely safe and speedy method of travel, but Senku uses it to its maximum efficiency, as a scientist should, to map out the region. Turns out after 3,700 years, the geography of the land has changed quite a bit.

2 The Cellphone: Nothing More Precious Than Instant Information

This. This is the invention that really hammers home the majesty of science. The ability to communicate accurate information, from long distances, with a specific person cannot be understated. It is truly a game-changer. Senku understood this, especially during their battles against their enemies.

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But, more than the cell phone, this same area of technology led to a whole host of similar inventions. Things like the radar, a record player, and even a wireless earpiece can all be created in a post-apocalyptic age thanks to Senku.

1 Stone Formula: The Earliest And Greatest Invention Of All

And of course, the most obvious invention that tops this list is none other than the first one seen. Of course, we're talking about the formula that de-petrifies humanity. Remember, it seemed to just be humans and birds that were turned to stone, the rest of nature survived, and has now taken back the land. And, in order for Senku to reach his dream of bringing society back to the modern age, he'll need more people. The key to saving the human race is all dependent on this formula that consists of bat guano, and nitric acid. Who would've thought that a smoothie made from bat feces and deadly acid would start a war?

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