Dr Pepper, Skybound Join Forces for Free Comic Book

In a collaboration as unexpected as a mustached man appearing from a portal bearing a soft drink, Dr Pepper and Skybound Entertainment have released a free comic book detailing the "thrilling time-traveling origin story" of Dr. Pepper's new mascot, Doctor Thaddeus Pepper.

The Adventures of Doctor Pepper #1 begins with the creation of Dr Pepper -- the soft drink, not the man. Doctor Thaddeus Pepper combines 23 unique flavors for the first time, creating the soft drink. This also opens a time pour-tal, which is just a portal made from soft drink, sucking Doctor Pepper and the Dr Pepper drink inside of it.

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The story then follows Doctor Thaddeus Pepper's exploits as he travels both backward and forwards in time, delivering refreshment to those in need, no matter where or when they may be.

The comic ties in with Dr Pepper's current advertising campaign, which depicts Doctor Thaddeus Pepper popping out of pour-tals to deliver both ice-cold Doctor Pepper and his catchphrase, "So nice to treat you.".

Doctor Pepper may not have a complex origin story fit for a caped superhero, but The Adventures of Doctor Pepper #1 explores how Dr. Pepper's new mascot began his pour-tal-hopping journey through space and time.

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The Adventures of Doctor Pepper #1 is written by Kyle Starks (Sexcastle, Assassin Nation), with art by Luca Claretti (White Queen, Age of Darkness: Neverland). It is available digitally from the Dr Pepper Instagram page.

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