10 Things Dr. Octopus Did As Spider-Man That Were Superior To Anything Peter Did

It's fair to say that Dr. Otto Octavius is in a very weird place in his life right now. Not only is he no longer in his original body, but he is also no longer the villainous Dr. Octopus. Instead, he has continued along the path of Superior Spider-Man, which he began when he took over the body of Peter Parker to cheat his death.

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While his new life dedicated to being the Superior Spider-Man definitely doesn't erase his past actions, it's put him on a redemptive track. He's certainly good at the job. In fact, he's proven in several ways that he could potentially be a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker. Let's take a look at some ways in which he is truly superior!


Superior Spider-Man

Before readers even knew there was someone different in the body of Peter Parker, a new costume was teased that highlighted a few differences between the two characters. The new costume was darker, with talons and updated eyepieces that teased Otto's previous goggled costume.

He would continue to improve his costume with new technology that was perfectly suited to not only dealing with the various street-level criminals, but also the bigger superpowered threats that he was more personally familiar with. Otto's blend of Spidey tech with his own inventions may have created the superior costume.



While Peter Parker was forced to swing nightly around Manhattan in order to keep the city safe, Otto quickly saw the problems with that tactic. While he had already fashioned himself a better costume to aid in him his crime-fighting, he quickly designed a new weapon in his arsenal, the Spider-Bots.

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Based on his original Octo-Bot design, the Spider-Bots turned into his eyes and ears around New York, erasing the need for patrols as his Spider-Bots were always watching. Of course, the ever-villainous Norman Osborn exploited these Spider-Bots for his own purposes, but at least Otto had so much more free time without nightly patrols to worry about.


He used that free time to do something that Peter Parker never could. While Pete was forced to quit Empire State University before he got his college doctorate, due to his responsibilities as Spider-Man, Otto wasted no time in finishing the required work and once again becoming a doctor.

There would be issues later with plagiarism (due to similarities between Peter Parker's new work and Otto Octavius' old work) that would put the doctorate in jeopardy. Despite that, Otto still managed to start Parker Industries, which Parker would later run into the ground.


While Peter Parker was no slouch when it came to saving the lives of civilians, there was still only so much he could do for some people. When it came to more serious matters that required a doctor, the best Peter could do was help get them quickly to a hospital.

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However, Otto was able to use his own expertise as a doctor to perform brain surgery and save the life of a young girl named Amy Chen. of course, Chen was fighting for her life because of one of Otto's earlier plots as Doctor Octopus, but when it was needed, Otto was able to go above and beyond to save the young girl's life.


Shocker Superior Foes of Spider Man cover

Peter Parker had a moral code and lines he would never cross as Spider-Man, which was an important thing for a responsible hero. If he were to lose control in battle he could seriously hurt his villains, which often led to the frequent return of villains he was only able to morally return to jail.

Otto had no such moral limitations, and while we aren't arguing the right or wrong way to deal with dangerous foes, he wasn't wearing kid gloves when he ran into a supervillain. Whether it's the humiliating defeat of the new Sinister Six, the brutal beating of Screwball and Jester, or the public execution of the shooter known as Massacre, he made sure his villains stayed down.


Since Otto had taken over Peter Parker's body by transferring his mind using technology contained in one of his Octo-Bots, he knew there was the potential the same thing could be done to him. So, to prevent this, one of the first things he did when creating his new costume was to install a metal plate on the back of his head.

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This would prove to be a very wise decision during a battle with Alistair Smythe/Spider-Slayer, who attempted to do the very same thing Otto had done to Parker months previously. Alistair was taken by surprise when his body swap attempt failed, and Otto delivered a killing blow while revealing his secret.


That fatal blow came at the behest of Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, who ordered Spider-Man to take out Smythe using any means necessary. Jameson's former wife had been killed by Smythe years earlier, and he was consumed with his revenge.

Otto recorded Jameson ordering the death of Smythe and used the footage to blackmail Jameson, in order to secure ownership of the former super-villain jail known as the Raft that the city was going to destroy. So, while Jameson was a thorn in Parker's side for years, Otto turned the tables quickly and made Jameson his pawn.


While some superheroes were able to hang their tights in a fancy lair or high-tech headquarters, Peter Parker was never able to enjoy that luxury. The closest he came was during his time at Horizon Labs, when peter was allowed to use his lab as a secret workspace for his Spidey gear.

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Once Otto took over the Raft, he wasted no time in outfitting it as his own personal headquarters that he dubbed Spider-Island Two. While it was outwardly his heroic base of operations, it was outfitted like a typical supervillain's lair and bankrolled by the blackmailed Mayor of New York.


Peter's Spider-Man tended to operate alone. For a long time, he didn't feel good enough to work with heroes like the Avengers (and the feeling was mutual). However, when Otto took over as the Superior Spider-Man, he saw the value in fighting crime with some help, especially once he received money from the city of New York.

Otto hired a team of henchmen he called Spiderlings and outfitted them in themed gear. he also created giant Arachnaught tanks and other weapons and devices for his new Spider-Army. Otto used his army ina siege on the Kingpin-controlled Shadowland in the heart of the city and was primarily responsible for its fall.


When Otto took over Peter's body, fans saw a theme of the character revisiting certain moments in Spidey's past and getting Otto's reaction, seeing things in a new light. The same happened when Venom swung into town, and Otto bonded with the symbiote after stealing it from Flash Thompson.

The Venom symbiote ended up enhancing Otto's own aggression as they bonded, which resulted in Octavius ultimately losing control and attacking the Avengers. However, his quick mastery of the symbiote's abilities made him a huge powerhouse, whereas it took a while for Parker to even figure out his costume was alive, let alone explore its potential.

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