Dr. Manhattan's Rebirth Meddling is Literally Ripping Apart the DCU

Ignition Point

Since we're drawing so close to Doomsday Clock, the 12-issue series debuting in November that will reveal Dr. Manhattan's master plan for the DCU, it's also worth considering how the Microverse quest might tie in beyond the existential threat of reality-warping storms. Preon tells us that Palmer had been searching for Ignition Point, "the theoretical epicenter of the destruction." If it exists, and if the storms really are connected to changes in reality wrought by Rebirth, then Ignition Point, too, must connect with Dr. Manhattan.

There's also the matter of Moz-Ga, the sentient planet whose godlike intellect may hold the key to finding both the Atom and the Ignition Point. But despite the teeming pleas of Microverse refugees, Moz-Ga has not spoken in one thousand years, even refusing to speak with Palmer when he visited with Aron Aut and Preon previously. Choi believes he can get Moz-Ga to talk -- by shrinking dangerously smaller, pushing the limits of his bio belt and risking his own life.

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Moz-Ga sounds a lot like the Green Lantern Mogo, in terms of being a living world, but of course Mogo is a bit more outgoing, personality-wise (even if he famously "doesn't socialize"). And in the story presented here, he serves the role of Absent God. But there is potential here for a number of Rebirth connections. Moz-Ga itself could be the ignition point, with the god falling silent because he -- Manhattan -- is busy elsewhere; the Microverse's thousand years may be relative, and could amount to only the span of time that the Watchmen character has been tampering with the DC universe.

Choi's belief that shrinking smaller will get Moz-Ga to listen to him is a seemingly incongruous hypothesis, but might make sense if Moz-Ga is a creature of science. Choi could be imagining that only offering up new knowledge would attract the deity's attention, or, more likely, he may imagine that Moz-Ga's consciousness exists at the quantum level -- thus the line about "talking to him on his terms." It's not an enormous leap from here to the Moz-is-Manhattan narrative, since the former Dr. Jon Osterman views himself as one with the universe, his consciousness everywhere at all times.

Justice League America has not been one of the titles central to the Rebirth meta-arc, and so it's unlikely that there will be any major revelations about Mr. Oz, Dr. Manhattan's schemes, or the mysteries of the Comedian's blood-splattered smiley face button found within its pages. Nevertheless, nearly every DC Universe-based series has been drawn into the epic to some degree, and especially when dealing with reality-warping forces, the echoes of Rebirth will be impossible to ignore. Choi's team will not defeat Manhattan, but they may save the Microverse -- and they might just do it with an assist from, or despite the efforts of, a naked, blue demigod.

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