Dr. Claw Returns in New 'Inspector Gadget' Trailer

The trailer for Netflix's "Inspector Gadget" has dropped, and it's filled with as much CGI high jinks as you might expect.

In the trailer, Inspector Gadget (Ivan Sherry) is called back to duty by Chief Quimby (Derek McGrath) when Gadget's nemesis, Dr. Claw (Martin Roach), returns to wreak havoc. With a new theme song and look, Gadget, Penny (Tara Strong) and Brain (Scott McCord) must put a stop to Claw's dastardly plans.

"Inspector Gadget" arrives March 27 on Netflix.

Everyone’s favorite bumbling bionic detective, Inspector Gadget, is back in an all new CGI animated series. Dr. Claw has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD and Inspector Gadget must stop him! Backed up by his niece, Penny, her dog Brain, and an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry, the lovable Gadget fights crime as only he can. The 26-episode series, produced by DHX Media (TSX: DHX.A, DHX.B), premieres exclusively in the U.S. on Netflix this March and will join the service at a later date in Latin America, the U.K., Ireland, Benelux, France and the Nordics – after the initial broadcast in each country.

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