D&Q announces a collection of artist Kate Beaton's work

Tom Spurgeon broke the news that Drawn & Quarterly has acquired the North American rights to publish a new collection of work by cartoonist Kate Beaton titled Hark! A Vagrant.

Using the name of Beaton's website, the book will collect comics she has published there, as well as some new strips. The Montreal-based publisher plans to have the hardcover collection on store shelves in the Fall of 2011. UK fans will see her book put out through Jonathan Cape.

Beaton burst onto the webcomics scene in mid-2008 armed with a college degree in History & Anthropology and put out some very bookish -- and very funny -- bits that has enamored her with a growing cross-section of comics fan. She's picked up a number of awards including the 2009 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent, and she's done work for Marvel's Strange Tales anthology, Myspace Dark Horse Presents, Wired and The New Yorker. After several self-published works, in 2009 she released Never Learn Anything From History.

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