D+Q Announces 4th Printing of "Moomin" Book One

Official Press Release

Hot on the heels of the third printing of MOOMIN: THE COMPLETE TOVE JANSSON COMIC STRIP BOOK ONE that has just arrived in the warehouse, D+Q is going back to press for a fourth printing immediately, bringing the grand total ofin print copies of BOOK ONE to 29,000 copies.

"There is nothing more gratifying than introducing a new cartoonist and seeing the comics take off," said Tom Devlin, Editor & Designer. "To be such a fan of the MOOMIN chapter books for so long, to want to bring the comics over from Europe for equally as long and to see it all come to fruition so successfully is fantastic."

BOOK ONE of the series, created and drawn by legendary children's author Tove Jansson, arrived in stores in November 2006. BOOK TWO will be in stores in October.

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