DPG Visions launches Web site

Official Press Release

Free downloadable MP3's from an upcoming rock n' roll film. A flash animation teaser trailer for an upcoming graphic novel. Beautiful comic book art. Exciting articles and interviews. On February 11, they're all premiering on the website of red-hot entertainment company DPG Visions.

This week the site unveils 3 free downloadable Mp3's from the soundtrack to THE TROUBLE WITH GRRRLS! -- A rock n' roll film described as a modern day version of the Beatles film A HARD DAYS NIGHT mixed with the early Elvis Presley movies. The film is currently in development, written by co-founder Leo Partible who will also direct and star. The songs ­ the Beatles influenced HIT BY A MACK TRUCK, the soulful White Stripes-style minimalist rocker I'M THE MAN THAT CAN, and AMANDA ­ are written and performed by Partible with his band, LP7. A graphic novel is in the works slated for release later this year.

"With TROUBLE WITH GRRRLS! I wanted to create material for the growing female audience that's reading Manga," said Partible. "A rock n' roll romantic comedy seemed to be perfect for the medium."

DPG Visions co-founders The Dabel Bros. and Kevin Grevioux will debut material from their respective comic book series, also to be released later this year. The Dabel's will introduce HYMNS, a wild and edgy take on stories from the Bible and a horror series, CIRCLE OF DEATH and UNDERWORLD co-creator and star Grevioux will unveil his top-secret epic sci-fi series. The site will also feature a gallery of photos, articles and links to interviews with the DPG Visions creators, most notably insightful interviews with Kevin Grevioux and his thoughts on comic books, entertainment, the trials and triumphs of making UNDERWORLD, and his upcoming projects.

Also premiering on the website is a flash animation teaser for Scott Alan Kinney's AGENT ZERO, a retro-adventure graphic novel in the vein of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK as well as artwork and related articles from Kinney's KILLER STUNTS, INC., a film project in development with SPYHUNTER producers Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon. Kinney and Leo Partible are attached as co-producers.

Finally, the website will also feature the trailer for Mel Gibson's upcoming R-rated Biblical epic, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST along with downloadable material from the stunning, yet controversial film.

DPG Visions is an entertainment company formed by comic book publishers The Dabel Bros. (George R. R. Martin's THE HEDGE KNIGHT), UNDERWORLD co-creator/producer/star Kevin Grevioux, and writer/producer Leo Partible. The company specializes in developing comic book and graphic novel properties for feature films, television, animation, and video games.

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