DPG Visions launches official Web site

Official Press Release

Comics publisher DPG Visions has officially launched the company's Web site at www.dpgvisions.com. Currently, the site links to several articles about the formation of DPG Visions, the company's mission, future plans, and upcoming publications.

DPG Visions was formed in late 2003 by the Dabel brothers (DB Pro), Leo Partible (Killer Stunts Inc), and Kevin Grevioux (Underworld). Artist Mike S. Miller, writer/editor Sean Jordan, and writer/producer Scott Alan Kinney have all come onboard to develop new properties with the DPG Vision core partners.

Future expansions of the official site will include more information on upcoming publications, convention appearances, music clips, shorts, trailers, feature film and TV developments. A special section for regular news and updates from the DPG trio is also in the works.

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