Download a collection of Jason Latour's life drawings for free

At this stage of his career, Jason Latour is respected equally for his writing (12 Gauge's Loose Ends; Marvel's Wolverine and the X-Men and the upcoming Spider-Gwen) and his art (too many to list, but most recently and notably his collaboration with Jason Aaron on Image's Southern Bastards).

And on Thursday my fellow Southerner revealed a healthy dose of our region's patented hospitality by offering fans a free download of Erase (Erase), his 42-page collection of life drawings and studies from 2006 to 2011.

Like the Uncle who always buys you socks, I’m once again gifting you a free collection of my life drawings and studies (circa 2006-2011).

It’s that time again. If you enjoy it, pass it on to a friend…

I love the variety of sketches he includes in Erase (Erase). What follows are a few pieces I snagged from the collection to showcase just a little of Latour's work:

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