Downey Hints at <i>Iron Man 3</i> Cameos

It looks like Tony Stark might be finding his way to the cosmos once again in Iron Man 3. As anyone who saw Marvel Studios' wildly successful Avengers film, Stark flew through space into another dimension to save the world, an event we've heard continues to rattle the hero in his upcoming film. As anyone who pays attention to the upcoming slate of Marvel movies can tell you, space just happens to be where the Guardians of the Galaxy hang out.

With the established tradition of Marvel heroes showing up in each other's films, many have wondered whether the Guardians might appear in Iron Man 3. EW's Inside Movies recently spoke to star Robert Downey Jr. about just that, and his response -- while vague -- was definitely interesting.

"Everywhere you look now in every Marvel movie there are opportunities where certain new pals of his could be useful," he said when asked about his fellow Avengers appearing in Iron Man 3. "So they’re in the atmosphere, so to speak, but I wouldn’t expect to see them on the ground in this one."

"In the atmosphere?" Don't "expect to see them ON THE GROUND"? These could either be throwaway comments or clever hints that Iron Man will return to space. Latino Review also points out that toymaker Funko has shown off images of a Pop! Vinyl figure of Iron Man wearing "Deep Space Armor." You might be thinking, "But I've seen a million Iron Man toys with armors never seen in the movies," and you'd be right, but Funko tends to keep its collectibles source-accurate.

There's even talk that Tony Stark might actually join the Guardians of the Galaxy like he has in the Marvel NOW! comic series. Iron Man 3 opens May 3, while Guardians of the Galaxy will arrive Aug. 1, 2014.

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