Doug Mahnke joins Geoff Johns on 'Justice League of America'

More than three months after teasing that he and his Green Lantern collaborator would reteam on "a new project later this year," this morning Geoff Johns made it official: Artist Doug Mahnke will join him on Justice League of America.

The announcement arrives in a farewell message from the writer in today's Green Lantern #20, which marks the end of a nine-year run that began with 2004's Green Lantern: Rebirth. After praising artists Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, Johns continues, "And Doug Mahnke ... he's the current superstar I work with every month on Green Lantern and have for years now. Doug, you're one of the most amazing and unique artists in the business. Your power, grit and sense of wonder can be seen at its very best in Green Lantern #20. I'm fortunate to continue working with Doug as we head over to Justice League of America."

The news may not come has a complete surprise, as Mahnke was already scheduled to pencil Justice League of America #6-7, part of DC Comics' "Trinity War" crossover. Now, however, it appears the assignment may be more permanent.

Mahnke, who's worked with Johns on Green Lantern since 2009, has tackled the Justice League franchise before, with stints on JLA and Justice League Elite.

Mahnke recently looked back on his time with Johns on Green Lantern, while hinting at what was in his future in a CBR TV interview.

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