Doug Liman Directing Jumper Sequel for YouTube Red

If you've been holding out hope for a continuation of Doug Liman's 2008 sci-fi adventure "Jumper," you'll only need to wait a little while longer to have your wish fulfilled. The director is teaming up with YouTube to bring the sequel, "Impulse," to the YouTube Red streaming service.

"Jumper" saw David Rice (Hayden Christensen) use his powers of teleportation to evade a shadowy cult. "Impulse," however, will be based on the third novel in Steven Gould's series, and follow the exploits of a teenage girl with teleportation abilities: Millicent Rice, the daughter of Christensen's character.

"Jumper" received mixed reviews, mainly due to its deviating from the source material laid out in the novel. If "Impulse" decides to stick to the plot of Gould's books, it will feature the Rice family as they move to a new town and uncover a criminal conspiracy. The story would focus on young Millicent, who has longed to make friends and escape her feelings of isolation. She'll also be learning to control her teleportation abilities.

Liman is attached to direct "Impulse," with David Bartis and Gene Klein (Suits) joining him as producers. Jeffrey Lieber (Lost) will write the hour-long pilot episode, which will begin production before year's end. So far, no actors have been cast for the project.

Via io9

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