Doug Liman Climbs On To <i>Everest</i>

If you're going to make a mountain-climbing movie, what better subject is there than Everest, the world's tallest? Sony has the rights to Jeffrey Archer's book Paths of Glory, with a script from X-Men: First Class writer Sheldon Turner. Now there's a director, too, with Deadline reporting that Doug Liman has stepped in to helm the adaptation.

The book charts George Mallory's three attempts to reach Everest's summit in the 1920s. He was eventually successful, becoming the first person to scale the 29,000-foot-tall mountain. Liman, who you probably know from his work on The Bourne Identity, will juggle Everest with a number of other projects that he's attached to, including All You Need Is Kill with Warner Bros. If his Everest deal is finalized, he'll work with Turner on tweaking the next draft of the script.

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