'Double lucky' Iron Man S6 Edge sells for $91,600 in China

Countless thousands of Marvel fans likely would love to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition, but how many are willing to pay in the high five figures for it?

One of those sweet, sweet red-and-gold smartphones sold Thursday for about $91,600 in an auction held by a China's second-largest online retailer, JD.com. That's just a little more than its suggested $1,079. So what's so special about this phone that it would attract 92,429 bids, driving the price so high?

According to Business Korea, Samsung knew from the start the Iron Man phone would be in high demand in China because of its color scheme; red is very popular in that country. However, this phone is particularly special, as its unique serial number is 66: In China, 6 is considered lucky, so 66 is "double lucky."

(via SlashGear)

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