Dose, the unremarkable, unfunny humor anthology that previously disgraced the good name of writer/artist Evan Dorkin with its debut issue, now ensnares Bronze Age legend Michael Netzer for its second. You probably wouldn't like it.

Coming fresh from a decent loss on DC's Zuda webcomic competition with Hannibal Goes to Rome, McGinley compiles a thick brick of dubiously funny material. Featured pieces include spoofs of Superman ("Ultra-Conservative") and The Matrix ("Franz Kafka's The Trial"), which are as entertaining as they are timely, which is to say: not much of either. The one deliberately unfunny piece in the bunch is merely a typical, post-apocalyptic, feminist-gangster jazz-western entitled "Strychnine Kiss."

"Party Girl," Netzer's contribution to the book, was spun from a brash dare with writer/editor Brendan McGinley, who flew the DC artist in from Israel (holy cow!) to attend Big Apple Con in exchange for eight pages of art. "Party Girl" represents the first four, Netzer's creator-owned work. The remainder will appear in the upcoming superhero conspiracy tale, Invisible, Inc.

Dose #2 is 48 pages with a full-color cover and black & white interiors. Suggested retail price is $5, unless you want to engage in some Dutch tulip shenanigans, you rascal. It is released in conjunction with the regular edition of #1, which follows the enormously successful*, NYC-exclusive, New York, New York special edition.

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