Doomsday Clock: It Looks Like the Supermen Theory May Be Fake News

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doomsday Clock #5 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, in stores now.

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have been shining a rather cynical light on superheroes and the DC Universe in Doomsday Clock. Aside from the introduction of the Watchmen characters into the DCU, the book also introduces the Supermen Theory, an in-universe explanation of why so many metahumans are operating in the United States that hinges on them being a government creation/weapons program. As you might expect, the theory has increased tensions between the DCU's superpowered and non-superpowered populations, but the truth could be even more sinister.

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In issue #5, just as anti-superhero paranoia seems to be reaching its height, the idea that the Supermen Theory is nothing more than a hoax has been floated. Instead of telling the secret origin of the DC Universe, it might be a cleverly designed trick engineered by some unseen force in order to create distrust in the superhero community. If the DC Universe is secretly being manipulated behind the scenes, it can only be Doctor Manhattan who is behind all this. However, before Doomsday Clock gets that far, the Supermen Theory still must be disproven first.

Lois Lane is on the Case

In today's media landscape of sensationalized headlines and "fake" news, it appears that even the Daily Planet has been forced to join this new age of journalism. The truth isn't as important as a version of the truth that will bring in more readers, and this doesn't sit well with Lois Lane. Her article covering the attack on Lex Luthor from Doomsday Clock #4 has been altered to point the finger at metahumans. Perry White is changing newspaper headlines in order to feed into the metahuman paranoia, sell papers... and get clicks.

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Outraged by the state of journalism in this more cynical DCU, Lois voices her belief for the first time that, "Someone's behind all this." In order to discover the truth, save the image of her husband, and set things right in the world, she must "Get out there and prove them wrong," as Perry describes it. This award-winning investigative journalist is on the case, and looking for the truth. Can she find evidence that the Supermen Theory is, in fact, actual fake news?

Her first stop is to interview Lex Luthor, who is still recovering from the attack. Given the use of the name "Supermen" in Supermen Theory, she immediately believes this is a sign that Luthor is responsible for everything. However, it seems that he is not involved with the government, and is actually doing his own investigations. He claims that this investigations is what made him a target in the first place. Whether the information he gives to Lois is legitimate or not, it promises to blow the conspiracy wide open.

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According to Luthor's own investigating, he has discovered that the person in the government who is responsible for creating metahumans for the United States is actually a metahuman themselves. What's more, this mysterious metahuman was actually once a member of the Justice League. Could a superhero have really done all this to the DC Universe, or is Lex simply sending Lois down a deeper rabbit hole? In the end, this could all be a plot by Doctor Manhattan to manipulate Superman.

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