Doomsday Clock's Supermen Theory Is Bad, Bad News for the DC Universe

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doomsday Clock #3 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, on sale now.

Among the biggest reveals in the pages of Doomsday Clock #3 was an explanation of just what, exactly, the "Supermen Theory" namedropped in issue #2 actually is -- and it's a bit of a meta-fictional doozy. But if there's one thing Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Doomsday Clock has in abundance, it's ambition.

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According to an in-universe news station, the Supermen Theory is an attempt to answer a statistical problem: Why are 97% of the world's metahumans American? The tensions swirling around the Supermen Theory can be traced back to what may or may not be a conspiracy theory supposing that the rapid rise in American metahumans post-Superman is "due to secret U.S. Government experimentation."


Now, apparently, this isn't without some grounds -- Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho, Kirk Langstrom, aka Man-Bat, and now Sondra Fuller, aka Lady Clayface; have apparently all exposed the fact that they were recruited by someone at the head of what's being called "the department of metahuman affairs."

Langstrom and Mason were both namedropped in issue #2, and they -- along with the theory's author, Dr. Helga Jace -- each have a connection to various incarnations of the Outsiders, a super team that hasn't been active in the DCU since Rebirth. However, the addition of Fuller this week complicates things a bit, disrupting what might have been a somewhat obvious pattern. So far, the only real and substantial connection between these characters is the fact that they were all human once, before either experimentation or "accidental" contamination transformed them into metahumans -- something that is, apparently, in keeping with the theory on the table.


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