Doomsday Clock: Snyder May Have Revealed the Superman Theory's Opening Salvo

One of the many intriguing concepts introduced in Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's DC Universe and Watchmen-centric miniseries Doomsday Clock is the "Supermen Theory." This in-universe conspiracy theory posits that, since most of the metahuman population in the world originated in the United States, perhaps they're actually the result of secret government experimentation. However, while Doomsday Clock has yet to fully scratch the surface of this ongoing plot thread, DC Comics writer Scott Snyder may have inadvertently dropped a major "Supermen Theory" bombshell.

"Superman agrees to the tenets of no country in the world," Snyder said at WonderCon during Saturday's Spotlight panel, "which means that every country is going to build Kryptonite bombs to stop him -- he's built this human identity he's going to age out of in a few years, he's ephemeral, he's doomed -- but he follows the ethical compass that was passed down to him by his parents, and that's inspirational to me."


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Currently, in the pages of Doomsday Clock, the "Supermen Theory" has spawned a metahuman arms race; countries all across the globe are struggling to catch up with the United States, which is home to 97% of the world's superhuman population. Judging by Snyder's comments, it's plausible those "Kryptonite bombs" could be the first step in tipping the scales into other nations' favor, followed by the development and weaponization of their very own metahumans.

Of course, since Snyder stopped short of mentioning Doomsday Clock by name, it's also possible he was simply speaking about Superman in general terms, and not in relation to the story itself. Still, it does seem to fall in line with what we've seen developing over the past three issues.


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Doomsday Clock #4, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, goes on sale March 28.

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