Doomsday Clock: Gary Frank Teases Rorschach Unmasking Scene

Doomsday Clock artist Gary Frank just teased an upcoming scene where Rorschach unmasks himself.

The panel Frank tweeted out shows Rorschach about to remove his mask in what is likely a key scene in an upcoming issue. He also captioned the post "No peeking," since he is well aware that Rorschach's identity is one of the biggest mysteries of the new 12-issue series.

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Following the death of Walter Kovacs at the end of the original Watchmen comic, Geoff Johns introduced a new character as Rorschach in Doomsday Clock. So far, there have been very few hints as to who might be under Rorschach's mask.

This new version of the character seems to have a stronger link to humanity than his predecessor and has been shown as a person of color. Judging by a line from Ozymandias, it's possible his real name is Reggie. There are no known Watchmen characters that go by that name.

In Doomsday Clock, Rorschach works with Ozymandias in his attempt to locate Doctor Manhattan so he can save their world from imminent destruction. In issue #2, they take the villains Marionette and Mime through the DC Multiverse to Earth Prime. Doomsday Clock #3 goes on sale January 24.

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