Doomsday Clock #7 Cover Features a Rorschach/Joker Fight

It would appear that Rorschach and the Joker are destined to battle it out, if a new cover for Doomsday Clock is any indication.

On Saturday, series artist Gary Frank shared his unfinished cover for issue #7 on his Twitter account. The piece depicts the infamous vigilante beating the Joker in the middle of the street. A day later, colorist Brad Anderson unleashed the final product in full color.

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This isn't the first time a new cover for Doomsday Clock was deemed to be newsworthy. The cover for issue #6 hints at the involvement of the original Nite-Owl Hollis Mason. Before that, the cover of issue #5 first confirm that the Joker would appear in this story.

The Clown Prince of Crime seems destined to play a large role in the coming issues of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's series. Perhaps this is where they finally address the fact that three different Jokers have been running around the DC Universe for several years now.

Debuting back in November, the series has since been hit with delays, causing Doomsday Clock to skip the month of February. Issue #4 hits stands on Wednesday, and it promises to shed some light on the origin of the new Rorschach.

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